Amazon Fire TV 2 software version 5.0.4 has been rooted


Eric, aka Zeroepoch, the man who first rooted the 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV has released a rooting package for the new software update, version 5.0.4. Someone has already used the new package and confirmed that it worked to successfully root a 2nd-gen Fire TV running software version 5.0.4. A branch for 5.0.4 has been created on the GitLab repository for the new rooting files for those with the knowhow to follow the instructions. If you’ve already rooted your 2nd-gen Fire TV running, the safest bet is to unroot, update to 5.0.4, and then re-root. There is work being done to update an already rooted device, but it is not complete. If you’re currently on Fire TV software version with updates blocked because you plan to root, it’s best to allow your device to update to 5.0.4 and then re-block updates.

  1. vietprince says:

    instruction please

  2. bula says:

    Just updated and re-rooted 5.0.4.

  3. Mitch says:

    Any way to get the 5.0.4 update loaded without getting the OTA?

    • bula says:

      Rbox posted this regarding your question on a different forum:

      “You could write the update zip to /cache and the recovery command file and reboot into recovery and it should work. used to have instructions for creating the recovery command file i believe. This is assuming you are still rooted.”

  4. Max says:

    what about Fire TV 1???

  5. DJ1 says:

    Will there be an RBOX version of the root anytime soon ?

  6. wadisnake says:

    Just rooted my first unit using Windows 10. Was pretty easy if you follow readme (even easier than the gen1 since there are less steps..)

    Let me know if you guys have any questions

  7. rex says:

    i am on fire tv 1 FW
    is there any chance to root my fire tv now?
    the ultimate guide says block updates und wait :(

  8. Tony says:

    What are the advantages of rooting?


    Will this support NTFS after rooting?


    Are they planning to release a custom rom for this thing?

  11. blum says:

    the link appears to be broken.. download keeps timing out. is it available anywhere else?

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