Amazon Fire TV 2 running is still rootable using rbox/zeroepoch method

The latest software update, version, has blocked rooting using KingRoot, but Fire TV 2 owners wishing to root are in luck because the update has not blocked rbox’s rooting method. You can find my guide for how to root the Fire TV 2 using rbox’s method here. It works on without any modifications. Big thanks to roligov for risking his Fire TV to discover that this method still works. Rest assured that I’ve personally tested the rooting method on a stock Fire TV 2 that had never been rooted and everything went smoothly.

Rooting your Fire TV 2 with this method right now will result in you downgrading to software version 5.0.5 since a pre-rooted ROM for has not been released yet. I have captured the update package for and have passed it along to rbox, so a pre-rooted ROM will probably be released soon. If you’re on, you can either block software updates and wait for the pre-rooted ROM to be released before rooting, or root now with the 5.0.5 pre-rooted ROM and update to the pre-rooted ROM when it’s released. Both options are safe to do.

As a reminder, this is the rooting method that requires an A-to-A USB cable, which most people do not have laying around. If you were considering taking advantage of the current Fire TV 2 sale, you can rest assured that rooting is still possible if you receive a device with pre-installed, or can’t get through the intial setup process without updating.

  1. anthony says:

    yes, i tried king root method, it worked but it’s automatic updated so i went with rbox method. and it remain rooted so far…still checking but with this new post. then it’s still rootable using rbox method..

  2. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Any news on a pre-rooted Fire OS5 rom for the first gen? Is Rbox still working on one?

  3. Y314K says:

    Just wondering… I know USB OTG has not been functional in the past… But was wondering… Not that I would want to Root a AFTStick but can the AFTStick be rooted thru an OTG setup using the RBox USB method ?

    • cdlenfert says:

      Good question, I’m also curious of the answer.

    • AFTVnews says:

      The rbox/zeroepoch method is very specific to the Fire TV 2 hardware. If theoretically the Fire TV Stick had a similar exploit in its preloader, it would require a completely different set of files. All of that is probably pointless though because OTG on the Stick is disabled and can only be enabled on an already rooted device.

    • Someone says:

      I am also curious about this!? The script would probably need edited slightly.
      Also it should be noted that if your fire stick is still on FireOS 3 then you can still root with king root!

      Update your stick normally. It will update to 5.0.5!
      Then immediately root with kingroot!
      Reboot & disable updates!

      • Christopher Loughrey says:

        It will now update to as that is the latest update. I have mine on 5.0.5 that I managed to disable as I await a clean root method

        • Someone says:

          Nope I would have to disagree with that.
          Just tried it again on another stick. When I boot it up the very first update to apply is FireOS 3 v54.1.2.3! Then & only then will it update to FireOS 5 but it would only update to FireOS 5 v5.0.5! Then & only then was there an update to v5.0.5.1! I did NOT reboot again once I was on v5.0.5 so the update wouldn’t apply. It was already downloaded and ready to install v5.0.5.1, which i did not want. At this point I download ES Exlorer and install the APK for KingRoot v4.1 through my computer via windows sharing. I then root the device, reboot, disable updates. Then go to system settings and click check for updates to verify it fails! The updates for all 5 of the sticks I tested over the past 3 days do the exact same sequenced update procedure. It updates from FireOS 3 –> FireOS 3 –> FireOS 5 5.0.5 –> FireOS

      • Christopher Loughrey says:

        Not advisable to root the Stick with King Root at present as King Root makes too many modifications to the system that many people claim has affected Kodi playback and other issues. There are ways to stop updates without rooting on OS5, it’s best to do that and not root until a prerooted rom becomes available.

        • Someone says:

          Although I don’t disagree with you on the fact that KingRoot is dis advised. There is only 1 other means of rooting the stick. Which requires hardware modification with few people who have the skill to accomplish the task. So for me it’s worth it to grab root while I can & tinker from there.
          I root, jailbreak, mod, customize anything and everything I can get my hands on! I would never own an iPhone if I couldn’t jailbreak it! :)

  4. Jp says:

    So they can’t seem to spend the time to fix the no video or skipping video on apps for their fire phone but they can screw they’re loyal fans who embrace their sytem with open arms. Time to move along and I will take my shopping cart with me soon as my prime membership is up.

  5. TROJAN4EVR says:

    When pre-rooted rom for 5.0,5,1 is eventually released…will it also block firestarter?

    • Adam says:

      My question is an extenuation of TROJAN4EVR’s, is there a reason we would WANT a rooted version of Near as I can tell, it brings nothing but interference with Firestarter and other alternative launchers.

      • AFTVnews says:

        It does bring sideloaded apps to the home screen, which is a great new feature. It’s a shame it’s being eclipsed by the launcher mess. It feels like one step forward and two steps back.

        As for TROJAN4EVR’s question, yes, the pre-rooted ROM is identical to the official ROM, so it too will remove the launchers by default. Now, I say by default because I’m confident that with root access on, we’ll be able to disable and revert the removal.

        • TROJAN4EVR says:

          YAY!!! That’s what I was hoping for!!! Will hold tight on pre-rooted 5.0.5 ROM until the pre-rooted ROM comes along!!!

      • Christopher Loughrey says:

        well that’s a good point and why you should consider remaining on 5.0.5. The new feature of adding sideloaded apps to the home screen is a pointless feature of those who are using Firestarter as they bypass the Fire TV launcher completely anyway. There really is no reason to upgrade to the latest version for those who use alternate launchers as the latest update contributes little to these people and ultimately makes away more than it gives

  6. Zeus says:

    I have just installed Firestarter 3.2.2 directly from the apk on a Firestick with the newest update. After installing Kodi and a few other apps I transfered Firestarter over from Filezilla and ran the apk. It downloaded and opened.

    Only difference is that now when I press the home button twice it opens the Amazon Apps Library. Firestarter, Kodi and all my other sideloaded apps are right there. And it opens Firestarter.

  7. roligov says:

    My only concern with even a pre-rooted is the blacklisting and disabling of ADB and 3rd party launchers. Not impressed at all with Amazon. Probably going to stick with for a while.

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      The hope is that pre rooted rom will remove blacklisting and disabling of ADB and 3rd party launchers while allowing sideloaded apps to show in home screen recent section.

  8. Rick says:

    Any ideas on when a prerooted for the FTV Gen 2 will be released?

  9. TechyChris says:

    Is there any reason to believe that Amazon will be able to unblock the adb method 2 OTA block that has been put in place? I have 2 gen 1’s both holding the block for now.
    My router cannot block https websites but just for good measure I added firewall rule to reject & drop packets coming from After creating this rule, my router did a refresh and auto populated a list of IP addresses being rejected , none of these IP’s belong to me I can only assume they belong to Akamai Technologies. Is this company that Amazon is using to actually push the data onto the web containing the updates? They are located in Cambridge , Ma which could be a coincidence but Amazon also has a Tech Group in Cambridge.

  10. Lo says:

    Still on the FTV1 one root but with no sign of a prerooted rom like there is for the FTV2. No love has been given as yet. Sucks

    • atone says:

      we need to stay patient. coding a new modded rom is no easy task. so sit tight until May or June when it is supposed to be out. I’m still getting a lot out of my rooted gen 1 firetv. everything works fine, so not in a rush for the newest features eg. alexa, new app installs etc.

  11. Lo says:

    Does this method as work on the FTV1 or only on the 2?

  12. Eric Work says:

    I can’t believe Amazon hasn’t fixed this or done something to make it more difficult to use the preloader. It was a bit comical when they enabled KingRoot again, but it sounds like they fixed that dumb mistake. If they haven’t fixed it by now I think it’s fairly safe to say they never will. Might even be in code they don’t have access to or unable to sign. I wonder if anyone else has used my method to root other phones based on MediaTek SOCs.

  13. Scott says:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m not very technical. I saw the guide on how to use ethernet with the fire stick but it says it must be rooted. When I go to the rooting guide it doesn’t mention anything for OS, which is what my fire stick has now. Can this still be rooted? I already ordered the OTG cable and adapter. Thanks.

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