Amazon Fire TV 2 is $74.99 for Black Friday — Now Live! [Expired]


Amazon’s Black Friday Sales are now live! The Amazon Fire TV 2 is $74.99. This is the second lowest price the Fire TV 2 has ever been. The lowest is when it was just $5 less during Prime Day earlier this year. There will not be a Fire TV 3 released this year, so this is your chance to get the latest model at the lowest price for a long while. If you need an HDMI cable or want an HD Antenna, you can spend just $10 more and get both with the Fire TV 2 Antenna Bundle for $84.99. If you want to spend a little less, you can pick up a Refurbished Fire TV 2 for $64.99 instead. Be sure to check all the Black Friday deals on Amazon devices.

  1. Dick says:

    When you say Fire TV 3 will not be released this year do you mean 2016 (one month left in the year) or are you saying it won’t be released in 2017 (also how do you know)? Thanks for clarifying, love your site and podcast.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Specifically I mean this year (one month left) but really I mean this generation. Meaning the Fire TV Stick 2 just got released and Amazon didn’t updated the Fire TV, so I wouldn’t expect a Fire TV 3 until April at the very earliest, but it’s also likely we won’t see one until September, when the next generation would technically start.

      Overall, my advice is, if you weren’t already in the market for a new Fire TV and can be fine going another year with the devices you have now, don’t buy a Fire TV 2 today. But if you are in the market for one, or need one and have been waiting for a Fire TV 3, then you’re probably better off buying a Fire TV 2 today. Or pick up a Stick to tide you over.

  2. Ewle Ebonlore says:

    $63 for a new FireTV at Target right now

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