Amazon Fire Phone just $130 Unlocked with Free Year of Prime [Expired]


The Amazon Fire Phone has hit a new all-time low price. Amazon is currently offering the phone for just $130 with a full year of Prime included. If you factor out the $99 cost for Prime membership, you’re essentially getting the phone for a ridiculously low price of $31. If you’re an existing Prime member, Amazon will extend your membership’s expiration date by one year so you’ll still receive the full benefit of the include Prime membership.

The Fire Phone was a flop for Amazon, but that’s mostly attributed to it’s high $650 launch price. At the current price, it’s a steal. You absolutely won’t find a new phone matching the specs of the Fire Phone for anywhere near $31 or even $130. The phone has been steadily dropping in price every few months, from $199 to $179, then to $159, and now to $130. I can’t imagine it’ll reach $100 and still include a year of prime, since Amazon will essentially be giving the phone away for free at that price. So this $130 may very well be the lowest it will be before Amazon removes the included Prime membership perk.

  1. possessive its says:

    “but that’s mostly attributed to it’s high $650 launch price”


  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    Great deal if you’re a Prime Member and your Subscription is coming up. I carry mine every day as a Camera (that automatically uploads my photos to Amazon Cloud) and all around general Android device. Still use my old iOS 6 iPhone 4S as my phone though so I’m not sure how well the Amazon Fire Phone works as an actual phone. For $30 after you are already renewing Prime? Steal.

  3. BoomSchtick says:

    The 64 gig version is only $30 more.

  4. JB says:

    What kind of uses besides camera could I get out of this without a SIM card?

  5. clocks says:

    I would have bought one of these a couple months back if it took the more common “micro” sim instead on nano. I have a few sims/phones, and all are micro.

  6. badticket says:

    not for germans….

    and further not with simlock for germans…

    a little racism to germans ?



  7. Jay C says:

    I’ve been watch this for 4 or 5 days. They day I’m away from the computer all day, and it drops to $130. 9:50 pm and unavailable.

  8. Vorapong says:

    It’s all gone.. Waiting list only… so sad

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