Amazon Fire Phone back in stock and still $130 [Expired]


Looks like Amazon dug up a few more Fire Phones and is offering them for the same $130 price as last week. You still get 1 full year of Prime membership with the purchase, making the cost of the phone essentially $31. The phone quickly sold out the last time it was this price, so act quick if you want one. This may be the last of their stock.


8/31 9:14 PM Well, that didn’t last long. The Fire Phone is “currently unavailable” again.

  1. JohnM says:

    If they are dropping their phone platform, what do you think the likelyhood is that we will be getting OS upgrades, ongoing support, and continued support from 3rd party developers? Mine just arrived this afternoon and hasn’t been opened yet.

    • Happy Fire Phone user says:

      I think we’ll get fire os 5 and thatll be it for fire phone. But with the great specs and low price we might see more development, especially if amazon releases source and someone unlocks the bootloader. Its already got 2 custom roms that I think run great.
      Its like sometimes you get more than what you pay for but you still have to be realistic. I hear users complain about certain functions not working on cm 11 eventhough they paid a fraction of what theyd pay for a mid range device and they got the rom for free!

      • Scott Howell says:

        I was hoping they would update their photos app on the Stock Fire OS. There’s no way to view old photos in Amazon’s cloud without scrolling forever. Fun trick though – you can root the phone, and uninstall the Photo’s app and then sideload the Amazon Photo Android App, which is much more feature friendly, and it works – Once you restart the app store, it even downloads the Hi-Res Amazon Photos icon and shows the Icon on both the Cloud and Device Tab.

        • Ulises Rodriguez says:

          I am not sure, but I think that you can use the “Amazon Drive” APP from the Amazon-APP-Store, to view and organize your Photos that are on the Amazon Cloud…

  2. jimberkas says:

    showing unavailable today. probably just as well, got plenty of phones sitting in drawers already.

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