Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet is on sale for $49.99 — Lowest Price Ever

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The Amazon Fire HD 8 has just gone on sale for $49.99. This price matches Amazon’s Black Friday price for the tablet and it is the lowest it has ever been on Amazon. This is only the second time that it has been available at this price. The Fire HD 8 is the newest tablet in Amazon’s lineup. It’s available in Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow with 16GB of internal storage at this price. If you pay $30 more, you can double the storage by getting the 32GB model for $79.99.

  1. Red says:

    Anyone get hangouts dialer working on one? I couldn’t. Most play store apps were fine (after loading play store & dependencies) but no go for calls via hangouts.

    • Gavin says:

      I have i working on my HD10 which is rooted.

    • Lowest Price Ever SPAMMER says:

      It’s working on my HD10 rooted.

      • Red says:

        Well I’ve never rooted a device before so I suppose I should look I to the process for an HD 8. Maybe more than I have time, ability for. Good to know it CAN be done. Thanks.

      • AFTV Fan says:

        I thought it wasn’t possible to root the Fire TV tablets. Only the 1st and 2nd gen boxes, the 1st gen stick are rootable. The 2nd gen stick, 4K stick, cube, pendant, and tablets were not rootable.

        • tech3475 says:

          You’re confusing the Fire TV devices with the Fire tablets.

          The tablets have seen roots over the years depending on the version, the original Fire 7 had an unlocked bootloader while later devices/firmware require methods such as Kingroot when they work.

    • Chelle says:

      I have Hangouts Dialer working fine on my nonrooted Gen 7 (2017) HD 8.

      Making calls works the same as it does on my phone.

      • Red says:

        Is that the same generation HD 8 as offered here (& on black Friday)?

        Did you anything beyond loading play store and dependencies?

        If there is a specific guide you followed that you could post I’d love to look through it.

    • AR says:

      nope can’t get duo or contacts to work either
      installed launcher hijack on it and nova
      the lag on this tablet is horrendous it is about as bad as my 2015 fire 7
      with custom rom , android N base has not improved anything
      good thing i only paid $1 for it and still somehow feel like a wasted money
      also “always” listening alexa works about 70% of the time
      android truly is a dumpster fire , can’t wait till they retire it for fuschia or whatever they are going to call it but knowing Google it will probably be even worse
      yeah i know this has bloat on it, buy my fire 7 doe sot it is rooted and running custom rom and it is like very other android device i have ,horrible , lags and crashes like crazy to the point it is not even worth using
      no 4g so it can’t leave the house/wifi so i may as well just reach for my laptop instead which is what i end up doing 99% of the time i attempt to use this google garbage ,anything that runs android that does not have at least an nvidia x1 is trash worthy refuse

  2. Jim says:

    With Ads and only in black if you choose ads. Without Ads is $15 more. 16 gig for the $50 deal.

    • AFTVnews says:

      That’s right, the ad-free version is only available in black for $15 more.

      • Y2Bogus says:

        Or buy a colored one and spend 15 bucks to remove the ads.

        • tech3475 says:

          Or either have a conversation with Amazon support (especially if you didn’t buy from them and ‘weren’t aware of the ads’) or there may be a trick still available to remove them without root somewhere on XDA.

          • Y2Bogus says:

            Yeah, in truth, I’ve owned a number of fire tablets and have been able to have the ads removed by just opening a chat with support and asking nicely. I heard somewhere you should wait a few months after buying it before asking. I’ve never been turned down, maybe because I have close to 2 dozen Amazon devices on my account?

  3. arlene says:

    it’s still 1/22 and price went back up to $79.99!!!

  4. Sam says:

    Thanks, just got 2 and they offered me free 90 days trial off Amazon music unlimited.

  5. Stephano Diaz says:

    I got this tablet back in black Friday and I ended up returning it … it was super slow !

    • AR says:

      yes i can confirm
      it is terrible if you paid more than $20 you got ripped off

      i only got it because i got the music unlimited echo dot deal for $1
      and figured out i could switch my order for the tablet and buy the echo dot for $20 ,instead of putting the $50 voucher toward a device that was on sale for $25
      i mainly wanted it to test out what an echo show is like with shoe mode
      but i found out that show mode does not even have all the features of an echo show , there is no swipe down home control menu on this tablet in show mode like on a real echo show

      i guess i can’t complain for $1 /$20 depending on how you look at it
      it is good for watching movie via streaming .apk’s but forget about google apps like gmail
      or anything else really , usually once an app is running it works ok unless it is a google app , but getting the launcher to respond and switching between apps is an outright nightmare

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