Amazon Fire 7, Fire HD 8, and Fire HD 10 tablet 3-packs are all on sale

Amazon currently has 3-packs of all of their tablet models on sale during their huge Spring Sale on devices. Buy any three Fire 7 tablets and you’ll receive $40 off at checkout. The total will be $109.97, which makes each one cost $36.66. If you buy three Fire HD 8 tablets, you’ll save $60 and pay $179.97 for the lot. That comes to $59.99 for each tablet. Lastly, if you buy three of Amazon’s flagship Fire HD 10 tablets, you’ll save $120. The total comes to $329.97, which means each Fire HD 10 will end up costing $109.99. All Fire TV models are also on sale right now and several Amazon Echo models are on sale.

  1. Max says:

    When compared to prior sales pricing, this is no bargain. Pass.

  2. Patricia Petty says:

    Your prices are good, but I don’t need a bundle of 3. I’m retired, live on a fixed income& am mostly home bound, due to several auto immune diseases. Both of my fire tablet are shot, but they have entertained me & made
    my life fuller & happier than it would be w/o my fire tablets. I wI’ll keep
    watching for your offers! Hopefully I will be able to replace my 2 here at

  3. Jim says:

    Patricia Petty Best Buy has the Fire HD10 on sale for $99.99 but supposedly for today only, both in store and mail order.(4/16)

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