Amazon finally selling new WiFi-Direct Fire TV Voice Remote separately

Amazon is now selling the new wifi-direct based Voice Remote separately for the first time. This is the remote that ships with the 2nd-gen Fire TV and Fire TV with Voice Remote. There’s no way to know which of the two versions of this newer remote you’ll receive when ordering: the cheaper “Bane” version or the more premium “Gelato” version. Many who’ve bought the Fire TV Gaming Edition, which is currently on sale for $114.99, have been waiting for this remote to become available since that bundle does not come with a remote, just the new game controller. Amazon is no longer selling the older bluetooth based voice remote which came with 1st-gen Fire TVs. The new remote is backordered right now with an expected ship date of 2 to 3 weeks. Amazon is also selling used versions of the new remote, likely from returned devices, which appear to be available sooner than the new ones. If you purchase this remote separately, whether new or used, I’d love to know which of the two versions you receive in the comments below.

  1. Llyod says:

    The photo clearly shows the “better” remote. If I received the cheaper remote, I’d return it as not as described.

    • TROJAN$EVR says:

      Actually the remote pictured in the posted link above is the one that comes with the Fire TV Stick with voice remote…See pic here:

      These are some of the Serial numbers of fire tvs and the type of remote they came with:

      G070GV01″5″”353″xxxx includes remote with soft touch plastic body and glossy hard plastic buttons
      G070GV01″5″”357″xxxx gaming edition comes with new controller / does not come with voice remote
      G070GV01″5″”373″xxxx includes remote with soft touch plastic body and glossy hard plastic buttons
      G070GV05″5″”444″xxxx ***comes with voice remote found on 2015 Fire TV Stick(hard plastic and soft buttons)***

      Based on AFTV1 serial # decoding by ….”5″ would denote 2015 production and the next three digits “xxx” denote week(first two digits) and day(third digit). If you want an AFTV2 with the soft touch plastic body then look for serial numbers under “373”…..I know “444” comes with the voice remote thats included with the newly released 2015 Fire TV Stick($49.99). So “373” and under is sure to come with the premium feel remote and “444” and above will come with the hard plastic remote. Question is what about the ones in between “374”-“443″…

    • AFTVnews says:

      I would say the photo is the cheaper remote. The better remote has a flat gray Amazon logo at the bottom, whereas the cheaper remote has a recessed reflective black Amazon logo at the bottom. The logo in the picture is certainly black, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the cheaper remote, especially if you order a used one.

  2. TheBigDogz says:

    How can you tell that the first link provided in the post above is the “wifi-direct” remote? No where in there says so.

    new wifi-direct based Voice Remote

    • AFTVnews says:

      Amazon has never acknowledged that the remote is wifi-direct, so they’re not going to list it as a feature. To them, it’s one of those things that wouldn’t matter to most people and may even confuse some.

      We know it’s wifi-direct through the FCC documents. Also, the old remote page lists it as bluetooth, but that has been removed from the new remote’s page.

  3. Dan says:

    Amazon needs to up their game on the remote. Apple’s new remote blows FTV away. The obvious:

    -Basic universal remote function via IR for TV on off and and volume

    • clocks says:

      My thoughts- The size doesn’t bother me. It’s already much smaller than any TV, Bluray player, universal remote that I have. It is also higher quality than the Roku or Nexus Player remotes. Rechargable would be great, but not willing to pay more for that. My Eneloops last super long in the FTV remote, I charge them maybe once per year. Some of the IR stuff would be cool, but again, I like that Amazon keeps the box under $100.

  4. Rocky Donuts says:

    I hate the new wifi remote. It’s noticeably sluggish compared to the original Bluetooth. I have them side by side to compare. Such a disappointment.

  5. Rocker says:

    Is the Wifi direct remote compatible with first gen FireTV? my older remote isn’t working after my kid dropped.

    • tuxen says:

      same question, i lost mine under mysterious circumstances (some things in life you just cant explain). anyway will it for example pair in fireos4 after a factory reset?

  6. krazijoe says:

    No longer available, as in, it’s been removed from the site.

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