Amazon extends global Prime Video discounted price until the end of the year

When Amazon made their Prime Video service available globally to nearly 250 countries at the end of last year, they offered an introductory price of $2.99 or €2.99 per month for the first six months to entice new subscribers. Now they’ve announced that the introductory price will remain available to both new and existing subscribers until the end of 2017. Next year, the price will increase to $5.99 or €5.99 per month, just as it was originally supposed to do in July.

  1. Teresa Croft says:

    Any way if I pay for the whole yr now for the price of $2.99 instead of 6 montbs before they go up to $5.99. I most likely would drop it for $5 99 a month. Especially bc just about everyone has it now. No need to get greed bc they have expanded so much over the yrs. Amazon is a household name. Come on now. Don’t you think. Happy 4th everyone.

  2. Mr P says:

    I’m guessing they think there’s no way they’d get any takers with the VERY limited catalogue (still) 6 months after launch. And still of course, the last device you want to watch the overseas service on is Amazon’s very own Fire devices.

  3. Mr P says:

    Interestingly the Amazon own series Bosch has just vapourised from the Prime Video (International) catalogue. So customers can’t even expect to get Amazon’s OWN series and is left with one or two good series, Top Gear (by any other name) and a bunch of other junk so old even my father can remember seeing them. No wonder they’ve extended the offer!! Sorry, but it’s not even worth $2.99. Binned.

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