Amazon expands shopping on the Fire TV to physical Music CDs


Back in October, Amazon opened up the ability to purchase physical items, to a limited extent, directly through the Fire TV. This was just a small taste of a full fledged shopping feature for the Fire TV that Amazon is currently working on. Back then, you could only purchase toys, Halloween candy, and a few electronics. Amazon has now expanded that limited selection of products you can buy through the Fire TV to physical music CDs.


A new banner, that occasionally appears on the Fire TV home screen, is advertising “20 hit CD titles on sale now.” Clicking the banner takes you to a page listing the 20 albums available to buy.


Selecting an album takes you to a dedicated screen for that album which is nearly identical to the product screens for the other items available for purchase through the Fire TV. One key difference is a new “Buy Now with 1-Click” button that I don’t believe was available before.


Scrolling down you’ll find a description of the album, as well as access to all reviews for the album. Just as before, there is no way to sort the reviews. They are presented in Amazon’s default “most helpful” order.


Oddly enough, if you select MP3 from the format selection of an album, Amazon does not allow you to purchase it directly through the Fire TV. Instead you can only add it to a wish list to be purchased using Amazon’s website later. Since the Fire TV has a full fledged music section that can access all of your Amazon digital music, you would expect the option to buy the digital version of an album would make the most sense on on the Fire TV. Perhaps Amazon is working on a full fledged digital music store for the Fire TV and they simply don’t want to confuse people by offering digital music purchases on the Fire TV through different methods.

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