Amazon Echo whole-home-audio testing complete and ready to be released

It appears as though Amazon is close to enabling a whole-home-audio feature that will allow customers to synchronize music playback across multiple Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices, according to a source who has spoken to German blog Caschys (transalation). The blog, which has correctly surfaced information about unreleased Amazon devices and features in the past, claims that internal tests of the new feature have been successful and that we can probably expect the feature to be released soon.

Earlier this year, screenshots of the Alexa app revealing an unreleased audio sycronization feature surfaced on reddit and an Echo web forum. The internal app provided options to group multiple Echo devices together and instructed the user to play music across all selected devices by saying “Alexa, play music everywhere.” Caschys‘ source has described a similar procedure for the upcoming audio synchroniszation feature by claiming that you’ll be able to address a group of Echo devices together with one command.

It’s unknown when this new ability will be released to the general public, but Caschys says testing has been successful and that the feature is ready, so they speculate that it could be released any day.

  1. Howard Scho says:

    This will be very cool if true. Seamless music throughout the house.

  2. cheryl jones says:

    I wonder if this will be related to the supposedly new echo that is suppose to look and sound better.

  3. Jim Carter says:

    I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if the sync includes (for example) a Dot paired with a Bluetooth speaker.

    • gdroid666 says:

      yeah this is what i want
      does the dot currently stop playing the audio on the dot itself when you turn on bluetooth pairing , i forgot
      would be nice to be able to enable or disable the dot speaker when it is paired with bluetooth audio too

      • gdroid666 says:

        also a dot hardware revision would be nice
        with only one minor change, the aux phono jack
        currently it is a standard jack where plugging in a male phono cable
        moves the prong inside to disable the speaker if they would put different jack in it with no physical automoatic switching
        so that you could tell alexa to switch from the dot speaker to aux jack
        or play on both that would be even better

  4. Randy says:

    Didn’t you make this same announcement about a year ago? Complete with the fake pis of the new UI .

  5. Scott C says:

    Is the TAP ever going to get this??? I made an investment in a few and that would be quite annoying if it wasn’t supported.

  6. John says:

    The one major flaw in the entire system is once you lose your Internet connection you are toast. Perhaps that will change in newer models but once you drop connections to the “cloud” nothing works.

    • cheryl jones says:

      You are right about losing internet. The other day my internet went out and it took me a few seconds to remember how to manually turn on a light. However if you have an alarm set it will still go off. So there must be something internal.

  7. JHB says:

    And, I’m assuming it will require either a standard or family amazon Music Unlimited plan, if you want the larger music library. Hope it works with iHeart, Pandora or one of the other supported music services…

  8. Phillip Phan says:

    this makes it Sonos doesn’t it? so… what about sonos integration?

  9. Joe says:

    Wonder if two original Echos would play in Stereo (left and right channels) on music? The original Echo is a great speaker but always been bothered by being mono.

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