Amazon Echo Wall Clock is now available to order

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock has just become available to order. The $29.99 analog clock is an Alexa Gadget that pairs to any smart speaker in the Amazon Echo line up to gain extra functionality, such as giving a visual indicator of timers set through Alexa and pending Alexa notifications.

The 10-inch clock uses 4 AA batteries and functions as a standard analog clock that automatically sets itself and automatically adjusts itself for daylight savings. Once paired to an Echo device, it will react to timers set by Alexa. There are 60 LED lights around the circumference of the clock that light up to indicate how much time is left on your timers. Setting a timer for 8 minutes, then another for 12 minutes, and then another for 40 minutes will light up the LEDs as shown in the image above.

Those lit LEDs will move with each minute that passes to visually show how much time is left on the timer. During the last 60 seconds of any timer, all 60 LEDs will light up and tick off every second to count down the last 60 seconds of a timer. When the timer ends, all LEDs will pulse white.

In addition to giving a visual representation of active timers, the Echo Wall Clock can also be used to inform you of an Alexa notification. When the Echo that is paired with the clock receives a notification, the single large LED, that is just below the clock hands, will pulse yellow until the notification is played.

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock is available to order now for $29.99 and is ready to ship immediately. It comes with the necessary 4 AA batteries included, as well as a drywall screw and anchor to mount it on the wall.

  1. Carlos says:

    Probably worth mentioning that you don’t need to set this clock, it keeps accurate time including Daylight Saving changes. So it’s also basically an atomic clock…

  2. llmgtab says:

    Anyone know if the clock portion is a mechanical clock that ticks? Would love to replace all my clocks that have that annoying tick. That along with not having to set my time and seeing the Alex info would be worth the cost to me.

  3. Elias says:

    I hope this is not going to be US-only forever. Like many Echo products.

  4. Fabi says:

    hope i can buy it in germany?! :)

  5. Ryan says:

    I hope they come out with a few sizes or styles to fit more homes. For me the style is perfect but the clock itself is too small. I need one like 14-16 inches in size to fit the location where I have a clock already. I’d have one on the way were it larger.

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