Amazon Echo voice remote back in stock after 3 months out of stock


The Amazon Echo Voice Remote has just come back in stock after being backordered for over 3 months. This remote connects to the Amazon Echo via bluetooth and allows you to control the device remotely from upto 30 feet away. You can issue commands to Alexa through the remote’s built in microphone, in addition to controlling volume and music playback. The remote is handy to have in areas of your house where you’re too far from the Echo for it to hear you, but close enough where you can hear it.

The remote is the exact same shape and size as the the 1st-generation Fire TV voice remote, but the two remotes are not interchangable. The Echo’s remote has been selling for over $100 on eBay due to its limited supply, so if you’re interested in buying one, do it quick before the resellers snatch them all up.

One comment
  1. nozebleed says:

    ……and theyre gone. grabbed up 10 for 299, 4 will pay for them and the rest are profit. wish i had more disposable cash laying around to tie up but i didnt

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