Amazon Echo Shows will support Zoom Video Meetings later this year

Zoom, the video calling/meeting service, has announced that they’ll be adding support for Zoom video calls to Amazon Echo Show devices this fall. Support will first be added to the Echo Show 8, with other models presumably gaining the functionality later in the year. You’ll be able to simply say “Alexa, join my zoom meeting” to start a video call. Zoom says that if you have your calendar linked in the Alexa app, you won’t need to know your meeting ID or passcode to enter meetings through your Echo Show. If you’re planning to use the new functionality, you might want to pick up one of Amazon’s Echo Show adjustable stands to better position the screen and camera. When Zoom support arrives, it will become the 3rd option for video calls on Echo Show devices, along with Amazon’s own calling service and Skype.

  1. patrick says:

    In which countries?

  2. Marty Stockdale says:

    Totally off-topic…I recently sent you a couple emails, Elias, as you say you welcome them. Emails concerned the expanding of Fire TV Gen3 memory. Unfortunately, though, no response. So…
    1. Never arrived
    2. Spam/Junk folder
    3. You haven’t read yet
    4. You don’t respond to emails asking for advice

    • Sorry, but I get more emails than I have time to read, so most of them go unread. I’ll try to find yours soon.

      • Marty Stockdale says:

        Hello Elias. Thank you for responding to my post. I should have included one more option: 5) too many emails received. That was poor thinking on my part. I look forward to your response to my queries.

  3. c guidry says:

    So Elias, will this ZOOM feature be available on the Fire HD10 tablet since it is effectively an Echo Show they say.

    “Amazon wants you to think of your Fire tablet as not just a tablet but a full-fledged Alexa-enabled device — or more precisely, a slimmed down Echo Show. It’s called Show Mode…”

    And what would this below mean on the HD10 tablet?
    “…Zoom says that if you have your calendar linked in the Alexa app, you won’t need to know your meeting ID or passcode…”
    Don’t really need the Alexa app on the 2019 tablet usually.
    Maybe a quick “How To”.
    Thanks for starting up this site again

  4. Rik Emmett says:

    Do the different models of the Echo Show have different versions of the operating system or zoom software? Seems like this feature should roll out to all Echo Shows simultaneously.

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