Amazon Echo Show now displays virtual Dash buttons on command

Amazon has added a somewhat obvious but potentially handy feature to the Amazon Echo Show. You can now ask “Alexa, show me my dash buttons” to view a scrollable list of your virtual Dash buttons that give you a quick way to reorder specific products.

To the surprise of many, Amazon’s physical Dash buttons, which allow customers to order items with the push of a button, have been quite successful. So much so that Amazon says that for some items, like Bounty paper towels and Maxwell House coffee, more than half of all orders are made via Dash Button. Their popularity is likely in large part due to them essentially being free, since buyers receive the $4.99 purchase cost back as credit the first time you use each one you buy.

The popularity of Dash buttons has led Amazon to make virtual Dash buttons available earlier this year, which can be accessed from the Amazon Shopping mobile app or website. Now those virtual buttons can be viewed on the Amazon Echo Show.

Asking Alexa to show your buttons brings up a three button tall grid that can be scrolled horizontally by swiping the touchscreen or by saying “Alexa, show more.” Tapping the white circle on the virtual Dash button will purchase the item and tapping the item’s logo will bring up the item’s product page where you can then complete the purchase by tapping a buy button or saying “Alexa, buy this.”

When asking Alexa to reorder something you’ve purchased in the past, the virtual assistant is pretty good about offering up the correct product from your purchase history. However, similar products that vary slightly can be a chore to order by voice. As the father of a 2-year-old, I have every size diaper available in my purchase history, so asking Alexa to reorder diapers now for my newborn son is like spinning a roulette wheel. Quick access to virtual dash buttons on the Echo Show will come in handy in that regard.

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