Amazon Echo Show is on sale for $149.99 – Lowest Price Ever

Amazon has just put the Echo Show on sale for $149.99. That price is $80 off the regular price of $229.99 and is the lowest price the Echo Show has ever been. The Echo Show is Amazon’s flagship Echo model. It is easily the best sounding Echo in the lineup, thanks to its pair of 2″ stereo speakers. I keep mine in the kitchen where it’s great for hands-free movie watching while doing the dishes. Having it at counter height is perfect for its video calling features as well. Also still on sale is the Amazon Echo Dot for $39.99.

  1. nwhenry says:

    Does this mean there’s a new model coming soon?

  2. Tampa8 says:

    Tempting price…..

  3. BingeWatchFever says:

    Does the Echo Show have a web browser?
    1. I’d like to use the Kodi web interface using ip address:8080 – works great on an ancient Win7 laptop using Firefox.
    2. YouTube access?
    3. Anything the video screen do better than the Amazon Fire TV?

    • T-dog says:

      It doesn’t do any of that. It originally had a YouTube app which is the reason I purchased it but not anymore. Amazon Prime videos though. I use it to turn the kitchen lights on now. Yay!

      • binger says:

        Thanks for answering, T-dog. You confirmed what I thought. Just wanted to make sure.
        The reviews on the Amazon site, especially the customer questions/answers can be misleading and wrong.

        Without YouTube, can it pull up recipes? I was thinking in addition to the kitchen lights, I’d like a recipe kiosk – especially if I can yell at Alexa and she can put the information I need on screen.

        • T-dog says:

          Yes, there are cooking/recipe “skills”. Video included. One of the good things about the Echo Show.

  4. AFTV Fan says:

    Can this thing act like a TV yet or is Amazon Prime Video the only source of video on demand? No YouTube, no Netflix, no Cox TV.

  5. T-dog says:

    There are other video options beyond Prime but nothing that comes close to Netflix or YouTube. It’s a shame.

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