Amazon Echo rumored to gain voice calling capabilities

According to sources familiar with the matter, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Amazon Echo may soon be able to make and receive voice calls. This would position the device as a potential replacement for the home phone. The WSJ says the feature could arrive this year, but federal regulations regarding access to 911 and laws requiring phone companies to allow law enforcement agencies to wiretap calls in real time could complicate the release. Amazon announced Chime, an enterprise conferencing service, earlier this week, so they certainly now have the infrastructure to support voice-over-IP calling. I highly doubt such a feature would be supported on a device like the Fire TV through the microphone on the voice remote, but the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot certainly have the hardware to act as a speakerphone.

  1. Craig says:

    “and laws requiring phone companies to allow law enforcement agencies to wiretap calls in real time”

    Doesn’t that make ya feel all warm and cozy?

    Sorry, but they really shouldn’t have that right. Not even for the purposes of safety. How many freedoms are we gonna give away until we wake up? Cause believe me? Govt don’t know what’s best and it’s getting worse by the day.

    • Steve says:

      Our Founding Fathers certainly agree.

      “But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”

      -John Adams

    • gdroid666 says:

      it’s even worse than you think ,do some research on who actually does that wiretapping ,it is not the US government it the government of another foreign nation that the US government is subservient to

  2. Joshua L lawson says:

    Now everyone, it’s time for the “2 minute hate”

  3. gdroid666 says:

    the last 3 updates have been a disaster 1st one since i got it on black friday made home automation flake out and be unreliable , 2nd one made the voice recognition much worse , now when i ask it to turn off lights of a certain group name of a room it asks “there are several groups or devices by that name which one did you want” almost every time ,
    then the last update a couple days ago made it not able to hear me unless i shout, before i could whisper from across the room and it would hear me and work fine now i have to yell loudly for it to hear me at all , it happens with both my echo dots now, these “updates” keep on breaking things

    • gdroid666 says:

      oh also it can no longer understand some % i ask like 80 or 50
      i tell it to dim lights to 80 or 50 % and i get the low boop noise every single time i ask it to to go to 40 % and it works
      when i got them on black friday they worked flawlessly every single time for about a month then they started pushing their updates and now they are nothing but problems

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