Amazon Echo owners can now get 3 months of SiriusXM for Free

Amazon has teamed up with SirusXM to offer all Echo device owners a free 3 month subscription to the satellite radio service. Whether you sign up for the streaming-only plan that normally costs $15.99 per month or the streaming+car plan that costs $20.99, your first three months will be free. This offer is for new subscribers only and your subscription will automatically begin charging you the appropriate fee when your fourth month begins, unless you cancel your subscription before that point. Alexa devices gained streaming access to SirisXM a little over a year ago. With an active subscription, simply say “Alexa, play [station name] on SiriusXM” to begin listening through an Alexa device.

  1. Flokic says:

    btw echos are now on pre-sale at, they’ll start shipping in a week, alexa now in spanish.

  2. James P Updike says:

    Be aware you have to call to cancel and they make it very difficult to cancel over the phone

    • a nobody says:

      Not just difficult but continued hounding to subscribe to the point of harassment with daily (sometimes multiple) unidentifiable phone calls to your home at all hours, endless disguised junk mail that goes on for many, many months along with the calls.

      This occurs even if you opt out from the get-go and never use the ‘free’ 3 months. This happened with our last 2 automobile purchases that included a free 3 month trial. Their ‘marketing/retention’ is straight-up abusive.

      • JFC says:

        I did the 3 free months and then even a paid month after that, and I really enjoyed and used the service a lot via listening on my soundbar-connected Echo Dots…

        HOWEVER, as noted above, once you’re into them, they don’t make it easy to cancel. First, you can’t cancel online, you have to call them, AFAICT…

        Then, a very nice, but persistent lady first wanted to know why I wanted to cancel, needed me to read off my full mailing address to verify it was my account, put me on hold for a bit, and then came back.

        The first round was to offer me their online service for $10 a month for a year. And as I’d explained to her originally, I really don’t have time to use the service so much, so the promo wasn’t really going to change my mind.

        But then after being on hold a bit again, she finally came back with a $5 a month offer, which was pretty interesting considering how much higher their regular monthly price for the streaming service is. But I also declined that…

        And at that point, after another brief hold, she finally got around to telling me my subscription had been canceled and giving me a cancellation code. She was never impolite or unpleasant, but she was persistent.

        Obviously at this point, given I just unsubscribed, I haven’t had any time for them to start calling my home phone (which I’m certainly hoping they’re not going to do). But should that happen, they’ll very quickly go onto my “blocked calls” list.

        To recap, it certainly was a good promotion. But not allowing customers to cancel by logging into their website, even if they wanted to offer online promotion pricing via that channel, is a bad mark in my book for them.

  3. George says:

    Don’t even bother calling about the free All Access because they didn’t know anything about it. They kept trying to sale me it for $50 for like 6 months. After an hour on chat and on the phone with them, I gave up. This is even after I pasted the link to the Amazon site in the chat windows. I put in a complaint with Amazon to see if they can fix this.

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