Amazon Echo Input is on sale for $19.99 — First Sale Ever

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The Amazon Echo Input has gone on sale for $19.99. The regular price is $34.99 and this is the first time it has ever been on sale. The Echo Input is essentially an Echo Dot without a built-in speaker. It has far-field microphones for the same hands-free Alexa capabilities as the Echo Dot, but the Echo Input is meant to connect to existing speakers, either via Bluetooth or via a 3.5mm audio out cable. Since the Echo Dot 3 is on sale for $29.99 and the Echo Dot 2 is on sale for $24.99, you aren’t saving too much by forgoing the built-in speaker. That said, the Echo Input is a much slimmer and discreet device that is purpose-built for adding Alexa to existing speakers.

I have an Echo Input connected to my soundbar so that I can include my home theater speakers when playing whole home audio through Alexa. The Echo Input is ideal for this because I keep it muted all the time, since I already have Echos and the Fire TV Cube in the same room, so I just use it as an audio bridging device. Since the LED on the Echo Input is tiny, it’s much nicer having it tucked away versus an Echo Dot with a bright red LED light ring on all the time.

For most people, the Echo Dot is a much more versatile product, even if it will be connected to speakers all the time. However, for those who can take advantage of its minimalistic qualities, the Echo Input, available in Black or White, could be the better fit. Now that it is finally on sale and less expensive than both Echo Dot versions, it finally makes more sense to buy the Echo Input over an Echo Dot.

  1. Brett says:

    Easiest $20 I have spent in awhile. It will pair up nicely with the Bluetooth speaker that I retired a year ago when I picked up my first Echo.

  2. Joe says:

    I like the option of getting some kind of feedback when/if troubleshooting so I don’t see enough upside to these.

  3. JJ says:

    With the Chromecast Audio being discontinued, this is definitely a good buy. I just wish Google had an something like this available, so I wouldn’t have to use two different ecosystems.

  4. Thevoiceover says:

    Works great for me. Should pair nicely with my Play:5 . I hear the mics on these work better than the ones on the dot, opinions?

  5. Jorge says:


    I just ordered it via voice (Alexa) and it gave me an additional $10 discount-thus only paid $9.99.

    • hdmkv says:

      How are you ordering. I just tried “Alexa, order an Echo Input” and it tells me to view my cart for options. I use a web browser to choose black or while< and the price is $19.99.

      • Jorge says:

        I had it in my cart already from using Chrome to view, then used my Echo speaker and said “Alexa, order Echo Input black.”

        Alexa told me the price included a $10 voice services discount.

  6. TheVoiceOver says:

    I tried ordering via Alexa, no discount for me.

  7. Claudio Sergiacomo says:

    This device would be perfect if I can adjust the resolution of the music in my music provider skill and also if I can adjust the EQ levels… but since I can’t do any of those in this device I’m not interested… NEXT…..

    • Tampa8 says:

      You would represent an extreme minority however so I understand for you it has no use but this is an extremely attractive device for the cost.

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