Amazon Echo & Echo Dot will soon use a yellow light to indicate unheard messages

When Amazon introduced their new calling and messaging features for Alexa devices, they selected a pulsing green light as the indicator of an unheard message waiting to be played. The issue with that is it’s very similar to the spinning green light that indicates a call is coming in, so it’s very easy to mistake one for the other.

Amazon will soon be resolving this by replacing the pulsing green message indicator light with a solid yellow light. Yellow is not used for any other Echo and Echo Dot light ring functionality, so it should be obvious that a new message is waiting, that is, now that you know what it means. If you see a yellow light ring, just say “Alexa, play my message” to hear the message. Amazon says this change will go into effect “in the coming weeks.”

  1. Frank H says:

    What colors can it display?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Pretty much any color it wants. The light ring is made up of RGB LEDs which can change color depending on the signal being sent to them.

      Right now, the only colors the Echo uses are blue, white (for volume), red (for mute), orange (for setup), green (for calls), and purple (for Do Not Disturb mode).

    • OHenry says:

      Depends on how much you had to drink.

  2. Bill says:

    Yellow is also used for pending notifications.
    If you are not set up for voice calling alexa will just tell you that when you ask to “play my message”, as an error message.

    It will tell you about a package delivery or other notification if you ask “alexa Play my notifications” while yellow is flashing.

    If you have multiple echo and tap devices it will flash yellow on all.

    It will stop flashing yellow on all devices when you ask to hear it on one.

    • Jen says:

      Thank you!! Fixed my problem hat I’ve been searching Google for.

    • OHenry says:

      Exactly right…I was puzzled as to why my dot ring was pulsating a yellowish-green. I asked it to play my notifications and it gave me a reply that a web user had written in response to a question I had typed about an Amazon product that I was considering to purchase. I was relieved to know Alexa was not a Russian spy that my wife was colluting with.

  3. Deb says:

    THANK YOU!!! I couldn’t figure out why my yellow ring was always on!! You were right…soon as I asked for my notifications it turned off! :)

  4. Betsy says:

    Thank you for decoding Alexa’s flashing yellow light!
    I couldn’t get Alexa’s yellow light to stop until I saw Bill’s explanation. As soon as I asked Alexa for my notification she told me about a package that was going to be delivered today.
    The light hasn’t flashed since I got the message.

  5. Joella says:

    I still cannot get the yellow light to go off. Did as advised and asked Alexa to give me my notifications. What should I do now?

    • Anaya Dic says:

      Simple ways you can get the yellow light to go off:

      Give command like read my notification or read my messages then a light will go off.
      The second option is that saying the word: “Alexa, turn on Do Not Disturb”.
      Try to stop notification by saying “Alexa message off”.
      If you cannot get the yellow light to go off then use Alexa app for supported features on or off:
      1. Go to the navigational menu bar and select Settings option.
      2. Scroll to the Accounts section and select Notifications.
      3. You can view notifications options my select a feature under “Amazon”.
      (If you have any selected skills then you can go to skills section to view your skills and Select skills for available notification options.)
      4. At last, use the toggle to turn notifications options On or Off.

    • Rebecca Martin says:

      Ask her to delete all notifications, then the yellow flashing light should go off.

  6. HKR says:

    Thank You so much!!!!

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