Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Show are all on sale

Nearly all of Amazon’s Echo lineup have gone on sale today. The best deal of the bunch is easily the Echo Show for $129.99. This matches the lowest price that the Echo Show has ever been and is the same price that it was during Prime Day, but this sale is open to non-Prime members. The regular Amazon Echo is on sale for $84.99, which is a mediocre sale price since it has been as low as $69.99 in the past. If you buy two Echos the savings get much more impressive because Amazon will take another $30 off the already reduced priced. At $139.98 for a pair of Echos, that brings the price for each down the lowest the Echo has ever been individual. The Echo Dot is on sale for $39.99, which is also a mediocre sale price. If you buy 3 Echo Dots and use the promo code DOT3PACK, you’ll get an extra $45 off, which brings the individual price of each to $24.99. That’s a fantastic deal since the lowest price the Echo Dot has ever been on its own is $29.99. Lastly, the Echo Plus is on sale for $99.99 with a free Philips Hue smart light bulb included. That price matches the lowest price the Echo plus has ever been.

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  1. MICHAEL MC says:

    Echo Show was on the Treasure Truck last weekend for $115. Too bad I already bought all I could use.

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