Amazon Echo Dot is now listed as ‘Sold Out’ with no way to order


Just 3 months after it was first anounced, the Amazon Echo Dot is now listed as “Sold Out” with no way to place an order. The popular miniature cousin to the Amazon Echo doesn’t even show up anymore when you search for it. A week after pre-orders began, the Echo Dot was back-ordered for months, and, despite needing an Alexa-enabled device to even place an order for the Echo Dot, it has remained back-ordered ever since.

Not being able to place an order for the Echo Dot is not an indication that Amazon has discontinued the device. Both the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TVs have, at some point in their production cycle, been made unavailable with no way to place an order, and both eventually returned. If you were hoping for the Echo Dot to be discounted this Prime Day, that seems very unlikely to happen. Hopefully we’ll see the full sized Amazon Echo, which is in stock right now, go on sale though. The Echo was available, for a very short time, for $129 during last year’s Prime Day.

  1. ClamSlam says:

    There is no way this thing is discontinued unless they are coming out with a newer version. The demand is too high and its the only device of its type in the echo ecosystem. I have an Echo, a tap and a dot and if any of them would be discontinued it should be the tap. I enjoy my dot and was hoping to purchase another one but guess not for a while.

    • Tony says:

      I agree there is no way they have discontinued this…I’m just sad i cannot get one as I just received my echo….hope they hurry up!

      • Echo Fan says:

        I hope its not discontinued because I want one. I tried ordering a few months ago but they said it would not ship until july so I didn’t order at that time. Now that its july I tried again and get the Sold Out msg. Boo!

  2. Fitmiss says:

    According to Amazon it was a limited run item and has been discontinued.

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