Amazon Echo Dot 2 blue/indigo fabric case on sale for $9.99 through Alex-exclusive deal [Expired]

It looks like Amazon is continuing their Alexa-exclusive Deals beyond the holiday shopping season because they’ve just refreshed the lineup with a bunch of new deals. Among the new discounts is the Indigo Fabric Case for the Echo Dot 2 for $9.99. This is the first time any of the Dot’s new cases have been on sale. To receive the discount, just ask any Alexa-enabled device, include the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, to “order a blue Echo Dot case.” Only the blue fabric case is available at the discounted price.

There are also a few Dash Buttons, including Smartwater, Energizer, Greenies, Puffs, and NERF that can be purchased for $0.99 through Alexa. WIth these Dash Buttons, you’ll still receive a credit of $4.99 applied to your account the first time you use each button, for a net profit of $4 just for trying it once.

  1. gdroid666 says:

    i just got an(2 actually) echo dot 2 on black friday
    i no longer have an active prime account so can i still order the 99 cent dash buttons through alexa if i do not have a prime account?

    also anyone know of any cheap chinese skins for the echo dot 2nd gen like aliexpress type cheap , these are nice but i feel they may get dirty one of my dots is in the kitchen i am looking for nice cheap laser cut vinyl skin brushed steel look

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