Amazon Echo can now control Wink smart home products

The Amazon Echo continues its fast paced expansion of capabilities with the latest update which now allows it to control Wink compatible smart home products. When the Echo gained Philips Hue and Belkin WeMo support, it was its first step into smart home conrol. The Wink Hub, which is now supported by the Echo, opens the voice controlled speaker to a wider selection of products using a variety of protocols like: Z-wave, Zigbee, and ClearConnect. If you’re not sold on Philips’ Hue line of products, for example, this new support for Wink greatly expands the number of smart products that can be controlled by the Echo. At right around $10, GE’s Wink compatible smart bulb is a much more affordable option than Philips’ $80 two bulb Hue kit.

Now that the Amazon Echo is out of beta and available for purchase by anyone, the quickly growing number of compatible devices is sure to accelerate. The recent release of Echo and Alexa developer tools should make for some interesting new features as well.

  1. kadafi says:

    According to an Amazon review the wink hub does not support WPA2?

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    Not sure about the Wink, but I just grabbed a couple of the WeMo switches when they were on sale last week… and they’re awesome! Love being able to turn my lights on and off with Echo. Echo just gets better and better. Anyone know if you can have multiple Echoes in your home? I think I might buy another at some point for the living room.

    • SandmanCL says:

      There are no problems having two Echos in the same house, but they can not (yet?) be synchronized in any way, so they will behave as two completely independent units. You would probably want to set the trigger word to ‘amazon’ on one unit at ‘alexa’ on the other to avoid them fighting for your attention :)

      • Ujn Hunter says:

        Thanks! Glad Amazon allows the trigger word to be changed. I would probably be okay as they’d be far enough away (different floors) not to hear each other, but good that you can change it. Might start saving up for Alexa 2. ;)

  3. Brandon says:

    Mine work great together. I found an easy set up guide at It tells how to set up groups just like in the wink app. It is kind of annoying though to have to set them up all over again but you can name them what ever you want. I say “Alexa turn off Fred” and my living room lights turn off. It’s fun and I don’t have to dig for my phone every time I want to control my smart home gagdets.

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