Amazon Echo Buttons can now be used to trigger Alexa Routines

Amazon has made their Echo Buttons far more useful by now allowing them to be used as a physical way to trigger an Alexa Routine. With the flexibility of Alexa Routines, the Echo Buttons can now be used to turn lights on or off, control music, tell you the weather, start your flash briefing, and several other functions. Simply edit or add an Alexa Routine in the Alexa app and select Echo Button as the trigger option. The number of Alexa skills that use Echo Buttons is close to 200, but the vast majority are just games. This newly added capability for Echo Buttons has made them much more than just a novelty item. A pair of buttons cost $19.99, but they’ll very likely be on sale during Black Friday for $14.99 or less.

  1. Bramtome says:

    A small point to note – while you can use these to trigger items on and off, you’ll need two buttons if you want to do both. They don’t toggle on/off like a switch would…

  2. Neal says:

    Can a button press send a command to an echo device such as “stop” to turn off the alarm in the morning? If so how?

  3. Sebastien says:

    I got the buttons to be used in Canada. They paired but alexa app doesn’t give the option to trigger routines. I imagine that option is only available in US.

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