Amazon Echo Auto begins shipping to first batch of lucky invitees

The first batch of Amazon Echo Autos have begun arriving in customer’s hands who received an invitation to try Amazon’s first Echo device for your car, as spotted by ZatzNotFunny. Photos of the latest Alexa device are already showing up on social media (1) (2). Check you email to see if you’ve got an invite waiting for you. Those who get invites are able to purchase the Echo Auto for $24.99, which is half what it will cost when it’s released to everyone else.

  1. Nick Hathaway says:

    Very jealous!

    I have a Roav Viva for my older car and love it. But newer cars don’t typically have cigarette lighters visible and available on the dash. My wife’s car, which is newer, will definitely be getting this once Amazon is able to ship one to me.

  2. drewb0y says:

    Watching every day on my account and my wifes for invites. Hope I get one soon!

  3. Tampa8 says:

    I also did sign up for the Echo Auto. I think it is already more popular than I had thought because just about every person I would talk to about Alexa/Echo has signed up for it. So rather than a niche product I thought it would be it may turn out to be a big seller. I wonder if Amazon received far more requests than they thought they would.

    • drewb0y says:

      The $25 offer was pretty hatd to refuse! They do say on their page that they will honor all invitation requests. Hopefully at the same price point.

  4. Mike Andrews says:

    I wonder if the Auto Echo will do anything that I can’t do with the Alexa app on my smartphone and tablet.

  5. Kevin Burkhead says:

    I just think it’s pathetic how they have drug out the release for way too long. I have been signed up for three months under two diff accounts and my mother along with others I know and not one has received thier invite. Yes if they are stating that all invites will be granted then we ALL get it at half price. Cars will be s thing of the past by the time they release the damn thing!!!

  6. Lee Palmer says:

    I was one of the lucky few. Here seems to be the criteria for the 1st batch of customers

    Welcome to Echo Auto. You’ve been selected because you’re an Echo owner and have registered a vehicle with Amazon Garage that we have tested to work well with Echo Auto.

    I installed it a few days ago, some minor issues with bluetooth setup but once connected it works really well, much better then the ROAV. It is able to pickup my voice over the radio and car/road noise.

    • Karen O'Keeffe says:

      So your car has to have blue tooth? My Prius does not
      I was hoping it would work through the aux cord and possibly my phone.

      • Lee Palmer says:

        It connects thru either the aux port or Bluetooth to your radio. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth for data connectivity

  7. JoeB says:

    Does this have access to all Alexa skills or is it restricted to a subset or special Auto related skills?

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