Amazon Echo and Echo Dot update with Echo Spatial Perception starts rolling out


The Amazon Echo and 1st-gen Echo Dot are starting to receive a new software update, version 4008, that adds the much anticipated Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) feature. ESP is the feature revealed when the Echo Dot 2 was announced, that allows several Echos and Echo Dots within listening range of each other to correctly identify which device is closest to the person interacting with them. This makes it so two devices don’t respond to the same voice request.

I moved my Amazon Echo and Echo Dot to either end of my livingroom to test the new ESP feature and was surprisingly impressed. The two devices never responded simultaneously to the same request. More so, they did a nearly perfect job of figuring out which one I was closer to as I tried talking to them from different parts of the room. It was only when I was near the center of the room, almost equidistant from the two devices, that the Amazon Echo tended to take precedence over the Echo Dot, even though I was technically a foot or so closer to the Echo Dot.

Overall this a great new addition that all owners of multiple Echos or Echo Dots will surely appreciate. That Echo Dot 6-pack for $249.95 and the idea of an Echo Dot in every room is starting to sound mighty enticing now that overlapping microphone range is no longer an issue.

  1. Vonda Z says:

    I checked my devices. My Dots are on 4008 as reported, but my Echo is on 4148.

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    Great news. I’ll have to try mine out tonight. My living room Echo always just barely hears me when I’m talking to my bedroom Echo and sometimes plays random music because it hear the initial “Alexa Play…” command. That 6-Pack does sound good too… maybe next year. Can you play music in every room at the same time?

    • Sean L Flanagan says:

      No, it will tell you another device is using the prime library. Same thing if you are using your phone to play music and then try to switch to Echo.

      • Toni says:

        Good news you can play your prime music on both at the same time now. No No longer get the message another device is using the library.

        • Art Collier says:

          So is that all EchoStar play the same song in sync or each Echo may access Prime Music to play different songs at the same time?

  3. jimberkas says:

    anyone know when amazon is going to add Alexa voice assistant to the Fire 8 HD tablet? I thought it was supposed to come pre-installed on the new 8 HD but its not. That’s one of the main reason’s I bought the dang thing…

  4. Dj says:

    That’s awesome news for me. My first day of following here and I learned a few new things in the first post I read. Things that I didn’t realize were even coming. Time to order a couple more new Dots.

  5. Cole says:

    I preordered it and still waiting just it is worth my money and time

  6. boudyka says:

    anyone got this 4008 firmware in the UK yet ?

  7. Marsha says:

    How long does it take for the update. My echo has been updating for at least 45 mins.

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