Amazon Echo 2-Pack is on sale for $99.98 or less — Lowest Price Ever

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QVC is once again offering an Amazon Echo 2-Pack for $99.98 with free shipping. This is the lowest price that a pair of Amazon Echos have ever been and the deal gets even better if you’ve never ordered anything through QVC before, because using promo code TEN4U at checkout will get new customers an extra $10 off. A pair of Echos can be linked together through the Alexa app to form a stereo pair, where one acts as the left channel speaker and the other acts as the right channel speaker. Of course, you can just use them independently in separate areas of your home and use Alexa’s whole-home audio feature to play music in sync across all of your Echo devices. QVC is offering this deal in Charcoal (black), Heather (grey), and Sandstone (white), but you can’t mix two different colors for a single order. If you want two different colors, your best option is to get any 2 Echos from Amazon for $119.98.

  1. mike says:

    just ordered this to give as gifts..pretty great deal,..might be a dumb question, but it says it comes with a voucher,..a voucher for what?

  2. BillyBayou says:

    In the description on the QVC website, you can click on Avanquest Voucher Details, and it is explained. Basically, 3 mo. Amazon FreeTime Service, 3 mo. Pandora Premium, Categories Plus $20. promo and Yoga International 3 mo. membership.

  3. Charlie says:

    Will these pair to create stereo sound?

  4. Scott says:

    Can you also pair them to a firestick 4k to use instead of tv speakers? Been considering getting a sound bar, but this sounds like a better deal. If so, how would they compare to $100 sound bar?

  5. Mark says:

    I hope these are better than the Dot. I just ordered thru your link, Elias.

  6. Charlie says:

    Sorry for off subject, but has anybody, who bought the Recast found or been able to come to think the tuners in the device are exceptional?

  7. Daryl Burns Cutillo says:

    Yes but unlimited, under their terms means 3 month trial with credit card information, required at sign up for anything after 3 months. You have to call to cancel any services, thereafter.

    In addition sign up, is not user friendly. Going through that now. Amazon help center not familiar with these promo cards (received) after 33 minutes on phone.

    Welcome to the world of the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.

    On the positive side, great speaker sounds!

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