Amazon discontinues all Halo fitness and health tracking products

Amazon has announced that it is shutting down its Halo line of products and services. The Halo Band, Halo View, and Halo Rise will all be discontinued at the start of August 2023. Customers that purchased any of these products within the last 12 months will be receiving a full refund.

Amazon entered the health and fitness tracking market in late 2020 with the introduction of the Amazon Halo band. The device was a bit odd as it didn’t feature a screen, like most wearables in the segment, and its standout feature was the ability to monitor the wearers speaking tone throughout the day. This was followed up with the Halo Band, which was a more traditional fitness tracker with a screen. Most recently, Amazon announced the Halo Rise, which was a bedside lamp and sleep monitor. All three products are no longer listed on Amazon’s site.

As mentioned, if you purchased any of these devices or their accessories within the last 12 months, you should be receiving a full refund. If you’re currently subscribed to the Halo service, you will no longer be charged the subscription fee. If you’ve pre-paid for your subscription, you’ll receive a refund for the unused portion.

  1. Zeric says:

    I tried the Halo View when it came out and wasn’t impressed. The device had a hard time synchronizing to the app, did terrible at tracking sleep, and was weak on what information the app displayed. The only advantage over an established brand was a lower price. Amazon has a history of coming out with products that are not well thought out, just to later drop them.

  2. Tj says:

    Not surprising after the Planet Fitness partnership.

  3. OneThatGotAway says:

    I was consider the Rise but the price tag kept me at bay. I liked the idea of a non-wearble way to sleep track. Oh well.

  4. wlion1 says:

    They should at least make an standalone application that allows you to continue using the device and allow users to store collected data on Google Fit, etc.

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