Amazon device Trade-in program gives instant credit and discounts to immediately use on purchases

I’m not sure how long this has been the case, but Amazon’s device trade-in program now instantly makes your trade-in discounts and credits available for use before needing to send in the device you are trading in. The last time I used the program, which was several years ago, you had to mail your device into Amazon and wait for it to be verified before the credits and discounts were applied to your Amazon account. This change greatly simplifies the trade-in process and lets you instantly combine trade-in promotions with ongoing sales for maximum savings. The current Fire TV trade-in program, for example, will give you 20% off a Fire TV purchase and between $2-$14 credit, depending on the model and condition of your trade-in. That can be combined with the great Fire TV Cube sale going on right now to instantly drop the price of a new Fire TV Cube down to between $40.50 and $31.50.


Some are reporting that they are not receiving an instant discount/credit for their submitted trade-in, so it seems like there is another factor that determines if the trade-in promotion is applied instantly or if it is only available after Amazon receives your trade-in. When I did it this morning and got it applied instantly, I went through the trade-in link on the Fire TV Cube product page. That link brought up a list of my registered Fire TV devices and allowed me to pick the specific device I was trading in. It may be that going through the product page and/or selecting a specific registered device (as opposed to just specifying the model of the device) might be how to receive an instant credit. Please comment below on your experience to help others.

To initiate the Amazon trade-in process, you select the device model that you are trading in, indicate whether the device powers on, and indicate if all accessories are included with the device being traded-in. Once you submit the trade-in form, the earned trade-in credit and any trade-in discounts on new devices are instantly applied to your account, allowing you to immediately make a purchase with those credits and discounts. You’ll then receive an email with a link to a free shipping label to use to send your trade-in device to Amazon within the next month.

The current Fire TV trade-in offer is 20% off the purchase of any new Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube, plus a credit of $2 to $14 applied to your account, depending on which Fire TV model you are trading in. Currently, only the 1st-gen Fire TV, 2nd-gen Fire TV, 3rd-gen Fire TV (pendant), 1st-gen Fire TV Stick, 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick, and 1st-gen Fire TV Cube can be traded-in. You will earn the 20% discount on a new Fire TV regardless of which device you trade in, but the credit earned varies by traded-in model and condition.

If you indicate that the Fire TV being traded-in does not power on, you will receive a $2 credit, regardless of which Fire TV you trade in. If the device does power on, you will get $3 for trading in a 1st-gen Fire TV, 1st-gen Fire TV Stick, or 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick. For a working 2nd-gen Fire TV you will get $8 and for a working 3rd-gen Fire TV you will get $5. Lastly, you will get $14 for a working 1st-gen Fire TV Cube.

Note that the trade-in credit and discount does not change whether you say you are or aren’t including all accessories, like remotes. Since that’s the case, you might as well indicate that you are not including your accessories and keep things like the remote and cables as spares if you’d like. If you’re trading in a 1st-gen Fire TV Cube, you should certainly keep the Ethernet adapter that came with it, at the very least, as it can be used with Fire TV Sticks as well.

Combining this trade-in promotion with the ongoing Fire TV Cube sale and 25% Prime Card cashback bonus results in some ridiculously low prices right now. If you trade-in a Fire TV that does not work to get the minimum $2 credit, you’ll see the Fire TV Cube on sale for $69.99, save $14 instantly thanks to the 20% off trade-in promo, and get the $2 credit applied for a total of $53.99 paid at checkout. Then if you use a Prime Visa Card or a Prime Store Card to pay, you’ll get an extra $13.49 in cashback for a grand total of just $40.50 paid for the most powerful Fire TV ever made.

If you trade in a working 1st-gen Fire TV Cube, for example, you’ll get the maximum credit of $14. That means you’ll pay $41.99 at checkout. Subtract from that the $10.49 you’ll earn in cashback for using an Amazon card and your total upgrade cost of going from a 1st-gen Fire TV Cube to a 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube will be only $31.50.

  1. Stu Parker says:

    check your sources. I just attempted to trade my 2nd Gen FireTV to be told I’ll get $8 trade-in but I’ll have 7 days to send it in

  2. David Wrosch says:

    I had the opposite problem, several years ago I was able to get an instant trade-in discounts, but last year during Prime Day & Black Friday Amazon required me to mail-in the items first and wait for the credit. This doesn’t work well when you’re trying to take advantage of a promotional price that’s only good that day, unless you pro-actively traded in your device in anticipation of a deal. Maybe they reverted that back again, or it varies based on device being traded in, who knows…

  3. Randy Reid says:

    I did not even know about this trade in thing.
    I have 8 or more devices I have carefully put back together in bags and sometimes the original box for some yard sale I was probably never going to have. Is there anything I can do with these 8 devices? I have all second gen cubes as my current devices. All the bagged up devices are older than the 2nd gen cube.

    • The real value for the older devices is in the 20% discount on a new Fire TV. Since you already have all 2nd-gen Cubes, you’re not looking to upgrade anything. All you can do is either trade in your Fire TVs for discounted Fire TV gifts for people or sit on them until a new Fire TV model that you want is released and trade them in then.

  4. Dave says:

    I was not offered instant trade-in credit…my checkout shown full $69.99 for Gen2 Cube.

    • Thanks for the info. Others have mentioned the same. I updated the post to let people know that there seems to be another factor. Try going to the Fire TV Cube product page and clicking the trade in link that appears under the price. That should bring up a list of your registered Fire TV devices to trade-in. This is how I did it and got an instant discount/credit. It might be that you need to go through that link and/or select a specific device you have already registered to get the instant credit. The condition of the device, powering on or not, might also matter. I selected that the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick I wanted to trade in did not power on, since it was only a $1 difference and I didn’t want to risk it getting rejected.

    • Dave says:

      I think this was because a) I already had a gen2 cube on my account or b) did a trade-in back in december

  5. Adam says:

    I’ve done this several times over the last few years – usually with Fire tablets. They always give me the 20% and whatever chump change they’re offering for the tablet. It’s never much, but I also don’t have a lot of use for old 7″ Fire tablets so whatever they gave me plus the discount was always worth it. When I’ve done it I’ve always got the money immediately. But I will say that one time I forgot to send in my old tablet within the 90 days and they took the money back from my account. Didn’t bother me – it was my fault, but don’t think they forget it. :)

  6. Russ says:

    Old fire tablets make great weather displays.

  7. Rik Emmett says:

    I received $17 total for trading in a 1st gen stick and remote on a new fire tv cube last month. I didn’t send in the charging brick or cable.

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