Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide refreshed and updated with Prime Day data and more

I just went through and gave my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide a big overhaul. Now that another Prime Day has come and gone, I’ve used the sales from that day to reevaluate the Okay/Good/Great prices listed on the page. I’ve also gone through and redesigned the layout a bit and added additional information to help you better make future buying decisions.

Major sales like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are the most helpful in determining which prices are best, since those are usually when Amazon discounts their devices the most. Even though all of their various devices don’t get discounted during these sales, I use the deals we do see to determine the best prices for other devices. For example, only the 55″ Fire TV Edition television went on sale during Prime Day this year, but I use that discount to gauge what prices one can expect if other sizes go on sale. This way, if a sale on other sizes does occur, you can have some reference to how good it is, even though that size has never been discounted.

I’ve also gone through and added short explanations for why the prices listed were chosen. For example, usually the “Great” price is as low as the device has ever been, but in the case of the Fire TV Stick 2, the lowest price it has ever been was $29.99 during Black Friday last year, yet the “Great” price I’ve chosen is $24.99. That’s because the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick reached a low of $24.99, so it’s plausible the new Fire TV Stick will do the same at some point.

I’ve also made other small changes, like reformatting the list of current and past releases to give you a better idea of when you might expect the current model to be updated or replaced. The page should also load quicker than before and look better on smaller phone screens. Hopefully, these updates and additions help you score the best deals. Just remember to check the buyer’s guide in the future before pulling the trigger on Amazon’s devices.

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