Amazon Dash Wand now has Alexa and is free for Amazon Prime members [Expired]

The Amazon Dash Wand is a small handheld device that lets you add items to your Amazon shopping list by scanning bar codes or dictating the item. The new version was released late last year and was mostly the same as the Dash Wand it replaced, but a little sleeker. Now Amazon has made the device a whole lot more useful by adding full Alexa capabilities. Just like with an Echo Dot, you can now speak to Alexa and hear responses directly through the Dash Wand.

The Dash Wand is only $20, making it the least expensive Alexa device Amazon sells, but it gets better because Amazon is essentially giving them away. If you’re a Prime member and order the Dash Wand for $20, you’ll automatically receive a $20 credit added to your Amazon account as soon as you register the device. See the promotion details here.

  1. Mike says:

    Any word if the current dash wand units will get Alexa? They look indentical so I’m curious if anything else changed other than software.

  2. Shawn Roth says:

    Can you do everything on this that you can do on a dot (except play music as that is specifically mentioned on amazon as something that it does not do). I am mostly interested in asking about home automation things (“Alexa, turn off my entertainment center”), or making and receiving “calls” on it?

  3. Michael says:

    Anyone know how fast it eats through a battery? Or do we charge it every night? I don’t see a cable attached to plug it in.

    • AFTVnews says:

      It uses a pair of AA batteries. They last a long time since it’s not doing anything unless you press the button to scan or talk to it. Not sure if the new Alexa capabilities will change that though.

    • Mike says:

      I have had my unit for 5-6 months now and use it fairly regularly and it has not needed batteries since. With Alexa on it now that may change the equation but at least prior to update battery life is very good.

  4. John C. says:

    When I first read this, I thought, killer purchase with Alexa capability and basically free after the $20 promotional credit from Amazon.

    And then I read the small print on the product info page — Dash Wand does not support playing music.

    Now obviously, you can talk to this device/Alexa, and it can answer at least in voice/informational answers from Alexa via some kind of presumably simple internal speaker.

    So, when they say it does not support playing music, do they mean they’ve disabled music playback through the device’s small speaker, and/or, do they mean you can’t use it like a Fire TV remote to order music playback thru some other Amazon/Alexa device?

    It would be kind of cool to keep it as a magnet attached to the fridge, and then use it in the kitchen to order up music playback via my Fire TV in the living room. But it seems like, it’s not going to do that???

    • Alexa's boyfriend says:

      Sounds like something you should test since it’s freeeeee

    • AFTVnews says:

      There is no Alexa device that can start music playback on another Alexa device. So the inability for the Dash Wand to do what you want it to do is not a limitation of the Dash Wand, but a limitation of Alexa.

      This functionality is probably in the works because we’re expecting Sonos’ upcoming Alexa integration to allow this kind of control. You will probably be able to tell one Alexa device, possibly including the Dash Wand, to start music playback on a specific Sonos speaker. Hopefully this will be extended to work for Echo devices as well, but probably not the Fire TV.

      To achieve what you want right now, your best option is to buy a second Fire TV Voice Remote and keep it in your kitchen. There is also a voice remote for the Echo and Echo Dot which allows you to remotely talk to Alexa on those devices. There are separate magnetic holders you can buy if you want to attach it to a fridge.

  5. Ray says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if it can add items to a third-party grocery list? We use the OurGroceries app with Alexa and our Echo Dot. It’d be nice not to have to revert to Amazon’s default lists.

    I know, I know: It’s free. try it. Ok, I will! :)

  6. Adam says:

    I bought one but have not had the credit applied. Wasn’t it supposed to be given once the device is paid for?

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