Amazon Coins are on sale at 35% OFF their regular price

Amazon is currently taking 35% off when you buy 10,000 Amazon Coins. That brings the normally $100 worth of coins down to just $65. This is one of the best deals on Amazon Coins that I’ve seen in a while. Amazon Coins can be used in the Amazon Appstore to buy apps or games, and can also be used within apps to make in-app purchases. If you spend any money at all on apps, it’s silly not to first purchase Amazon Coins because they give you a much bigger bang for your buck. This promotion ends on December 29th.

  1. Joe says:

    Better prospects than bitcoin?

  2. Mr_Missile says:

    “Something went wrong.
    You are not eligible to claim this discount code. You can still buy Amazon Coins for the regular price.”

    *Offer available to new Amazon Appstore customers only.*

    Bummer for existing users…

  3. FirstWorldProblems says:

    Next stop: paying Amazon employees with Amazon money only redeemable in the Amazon store.

  4. Y314K says:

    Still working normally with nag screen across the pond.

  5. Y314K says:

    Isn’t that consider some kind of crime against humanity or discrimination in Europe.

    Ohh wait. It is not. ISP’s are force by govs to block access to ever changing sites all around that continent. How very Socialist Chinese of them.

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