Amazon Cloud Cam is on sale for $89.99 TODAY ONLY — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]

The Amazon Cloud Cam has just gone on sale for $89.99. This matches the lowest price that the camera has ever been, which has only happened once before today. The sale ends tonight at midnight, so be sure to place your order soon if you’re interested. The Cloud Cam comes with free cloud storage for the last 24 hours of recordings with additional days available for a subscription fee.

  1. Kevin says:

    Dammit, I bought the 3 pack a couple of weeks ago so this is a $20 savings. I know Amazon won’t price adjust and they actually record serial numbers on the sale of cameras so I can’t just order 3 of these and send them back in the others’ place. Guess it’s not really worth the hassle to save $20.

    All that said, I’m still on the fence over whether I’m going to keep the 3 I bought. I bought a standard Nest Cam at the same time and the picture quality (both day and night), viewable angle, and feature set/app are all SO much better than the Cloud Cams. The only thing Amazon has going for it right now is the monthly plan cost.

    I’ve got a couple more weeks of return time for all of them so I’m going to give it a little more time and see if I can get used to the Cloud Cam’s deficiencies, but I’m starting to lean towards just returning the Nest and the Cloud Cams and waiting to see if Amazon ups their game a bit or Google lowers their plan price.

  2. Bob Allen says:

    Are these “One Day Sales” an every Monday thing or can they pop-up at anytime? I noticed that the last one was also on Monday. I’m waiting for a sale on a specific item, so if I knew it could only happen on Mondays, it would make it easier.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Mondays do seem to be the most common days for one-day sales, but it’s definitely not exclusively a Monday thing.

      For example, the one time the Fire TV 3 dropped to $49.99 was a one-day sale on a Saturday last month.

  3. Bob Allen says:

    Thanks for answering!

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