Amazon Cloud Cam gains several new features and better Alexa integration

Amazon’s Amazon Cloud Cam security camera has just received several handy new features, as first spotted by AndroidPolice. There are now more ways to view the camera feed, additional two-way audio options, motion/person detection alerts, and better Alexa integration.

First, you can now view a live stream of the camera through the website Previously, the only way to view the camera was through the Cloud Cam app or with Alexa through the Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Fire TV.

Speaking of the Echo Spot and Echo Show, they can now be used for two-way audio with the Cloud Cam. When viewing the camera’s live feed, you can now press a microphone button on the Echo Spot or Echo Show screen and speaker through the Cloud Cam’s built-in speaker. You’ll also hear anyone on the other end speak back since the camera obviously has microphones. Two-way audio was previously only available through the Cloud Cam app.

There is also now the option to opt-in to receive motion and/or person detection alerts through your Echo devices. If you have detection alerts configured, your Echo Spot and Echo Show will notify you of motion on their screen. On Echo devices without a screen, the alerts will come in as standard notifications which light up the Echo device’s light ring in green. When you ask “Alexa, what are my notifications?” you’ll be told of the motion alert.

Finally, you can now turn your Cloud Cam camera on using Alexa. Simply say “Alexa, turn on [camera name]” to turn the camera on if you last left it in an off state. Again, this previously could only be done through the app. You can now also turn the camera on or off using the previously mentioned website. For good reason, you can’t turn the camera off using Alexa because you wouldn’t want an intruder to be able to ask Alexa to kindly turn off the security cameras.

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