Amazon Chime is a new video conferencing service to take on Skype

Amazon has announced Chime, an enterprise class video conferencing service. The new tool is positioned to take on Microsoft’s Skype for Business and Cisco’s WebEx service by promising to make communication between colleagues seamless. The service is available as a free iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows app. The cost is free for basic one-on-one meetings, but moves up to $2.50 per user per month for additional features like screen sharing and $15 per user per month for meetings with more than two attendees and access to all available features.

I tend not to cover AWS and Amazon’s enterprise news, but I’m writing about this service mostly because Amazon’s business tools tend to have a way of eventually trickling down to their consumer products. The question of whether it’s possible to connect a webcam to a Fire TV for living room video calls comes up regularly during the Q&A portion of the AFTVnewscast. Perhaps Amazon Chime will someday find its way into a future Fire TV model or that rumored Echo with a built-in screen that’s supposed to come out this year.

  1. Ichijoe says:

    This is the one thing (of sorts) I wish I had on my AFTV / nSATVP. Seeing as I already have a USB Web Cam for those types of Services.

    • Daniel says:

      Me 2. Does it worked sideloaded on a AFTV box gen1 or on a nvidia Shield TV Pro 2015?

      I try many video-call apps/services like:
      -hangouts (with installed google play services on AFTV)
      -google duo
      -messenger (facebook)
      but non of them can bring a usb webcam to run on it.

      I will try next whatsapp on a AFTV / nSATVP and hope that it worked on one or both devices.

      Greetings by Daniel

  2. yup says:

    Too little too late. Where the heck were you in 2003? The trail has already been blazed. Think up something new.

  3. Billy says:

    Funny that its not available through the amazon appstore

  4. Prasanta Shee says:

    Amazon Chime is a new video conferencing software and although it is good, it will have to face tough competition against already established quality video conferencing players like R-HUB HD video conferencing servers, Polycom, Skype, gotomeeting, Avaya etc.

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