Amazon changes Prime sharing allowance from four people to just one

Amazon has changed the rules for sharing Prime membership benefits. Before today’s changes, Prime members were allowed to share some Prime benefits, most notably the free two day shipping benefit and Prime Instant Video access, with up to four family members living in the same household. Today, Amazon has updated their help page regarding Prime sharing. It now says that Prime members can share Prime benefits with only one other adult. It appears that, for the time being at least, these changes are not retroactive. Meaning, if you are currently sharing your Prime benefits with more than one person, those extra people will continue to receive those shared benefits as long as you don’t make any changes to your sharing settings. If you remove any of these extra people for whatever reason, you will not be able to re-share Prime benefits with them if you are already sharing your benefits with someone else. If you’re interested, read on for a screenshot of the old rules regarding sharing Prime benefits.

Old Prime Sharing Rules prior to July 31st (new rules are here):

  1. Ron says:

    U r missing the biggest issue.
    The biggest issue in this change is that u know have to share yhe credit card with the member you’re sharing with which allows the member to uae your cc. In addition he can see the orders u made.
    This is a shitty move that started ruling today at 10am.
    They should at least give a prior notice

  2. The Unchosen One says:

    It does appear that my associate account does have prime video and kindle lending library privileges now, something I definitely didn’t have before. I would really prefer them to restore the privacy between accounts (especially around christmas), but I imagine adding prime instant video to the associate member accounts is the reasoning behind this change.

    I still think this is one of the best values going if you’re a regular Amazon shopper…

  3. The Unchosen One says:

    It also appears that your prime video and kindle lending library apply to all members of your household (2 adults and up to 4 kids):

    Posted in our “Share your prime benefits” section:

    Because we want you to be able to share the very best of Prime, we are introducing the Amazon Household Program. With Amazon Household, in addition to sharing your access to the Prime FREE Two-Day shipping that you love, you and one other adult family member and four children will be able to share Prime Instant Video, Prime Early Access, and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Additionally, Prime members with Amazon Mom can share their 20% diaper and 15% Baby Registry discounts. Create a family library to share books, apps, and games with your Household members across all of their Amazon devices and media apps. Both Household adults can manage parental controls with Amazon FreeTime for children in the Amazon Household. Create your Amazon Households to share your Prime benefits here

    Taken from the FAQ on Amazon Households:

    Sharing Prime Benefits
    Eligible Prime benefits can only be shared between the two adults in a household. Customers who are Amazon Student Prime members (free trial or paid) or invited guests of other Prime members can’t share their benefits. However, other types of Prime members can share eligible benefits with those types of members.

    The following Prime benefits can be shared with other household members:

    Prime shipping benefits
    Prime Instant Video (streaming only)
    Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
    Prime Early Access

  4. Michael says:

    I think that this was done to cut down the number of prime members sharing their accounts with four other “family” members.

  5. Ujn Hunter says:

    Whoa… time out. Where does it say that the people on my Prime sharing list can see my orders and CC number? That should be class action lawsuit material. Surely you can’t just do that without: 1. Giving prior notice to the change, and 2. The ability to Opt out before the change occurs. Also, my wife and brother never were able to use Prime Instant Video, only the 2 day shipping.

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