Amazon bundles all-new 4K HDR Fire TV with Echo Dot for just $79.99

In addition to offering the new 3rd-generation Fire TV for $69.99 on its own, Amazon is also bundling it with an Echo Dot for $79.99. At just $10 more than the Fire TV alone, it seems like a no-brainer for anyone ordering the new device to purchase the bundle instead. With the Echo Dot costing $49.99 on its own, the bundle saves you $40.

Amazon is also now bundling the Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot for $59.99. At $20 more than the price of a Fire TV Stick on its own, that bundle is not as attractive as the one with the new Fire TV, but it still saves you $30 over buying the two devices separately.

  1. Danny says:

    Not impressed. I already have Echo and 2nd gen Fire TV. My internet speed at the wall is 175Mbps. I’m looking to upgrade, not downgrade. I want more storage and ram.

  2. Sam Lowry says:

    Does someone have a spec comparison for this new Fire TV and FTV2?

    Doesn’t seem worthy of upgrading…

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