Amazon Brings Tablet Games to the Fire TV

Amazon has started to allow some tablet games to be installed on the Fire TV. These games have not been made to natively use the Fire TV Voice Remote or Fire Game Controller like regular Fire TV apps. Instead, these games are played by controlling a virtual finger/cursor with the Fire Game Controller. Currently there are 42 games available as a beta trial for this new feature. Big thanks to reader Chad for point out this new addition in a comment on my latest update overview.

Browsing the games on currently gives no indication that the games are compatible with the Fire TV, however purchasing one will cause it to appear in your Fire TV app list just like a regular Fire TV app. Amazon plans to add a new search filter option labeled “Tablet Games on Fire TV” to make discovering these games easier.

Controlling these games is simple. Moving the Fire Game Controller’s left thumbstick causes an orange circle to appear on the screen. This circle is identical to the one which appears when you connect a mouse to the Fire TV. Pressing “A” on the gamepad simulates a screen tap/click. Lastly, you can press the controllers LB or RB shoulder buttons to decrease or increase the cursor’s movement speed. A speed indicator appears momentarily in the bottom right corner of the screen whenever you change the speed setting.

The games translate surprisingly well to this new control scheme. Of course this wont work will with all games, especially those that require rapid repetitive actions. But, if this beta trial is a success and more games get included, the available app selection for the Fire TV will begin to grow very quickly.

  1. Y314K says:

    Has anybody been able to use Wii or some other remotes to do the same as the official remote ??

  2. ftvlover says:

    These games are great. I really enjoy Knight Storm and Guns 4 Hire.

  3. BX says:

    Hey just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work on this site. I also wanted to confirm that the OUYA game controller works great for the tablet games n apps beta in the new AFTV update.

  4. Sansa says:

    I have 2 Amazon contollers bus I cant play Mario kart With my Brother, the emulators se the 2 contollers like the Firth player

  5. Benson says:

    Here is a nintendo gamecube working on the firetv if that helps lol

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