Amazon brings back the limited edition Product (RED) Echo and releases new Candy Cane Echo Shells

Amazon is bringing back the Product (RED) version of the Amazon Echo that they first made available for a limited run this time last year. Amazon will donate $10 for every Red Echo purchased to the Product (RED) organization to help fight AIDS. On a somewhat related note, Amazon has started selling an official Red & White Echo Shell, as well as a Red & Green Echo Shell, if the new all red version of the Echo wasn’t festive enough for you.

The Product (RED) Echo is available to pre-order now and will be released on December 5th. It costs the same $99.99 as the other fabric Echos, but you might want to hold off on placing a pre-order if you’re interested. That’s because Amazon has confirmed that the (RED) Echo will also be on sale during Black Friday for the same $69 price as the other Echo colors. That sale is expected to go live on November 22nd, so you won’t have to wait long to save $30 on your pre-order. Amazon will still donate $10 for each (RED) Echo purchased during the Black Friday sale. There is also a bundle that includes the (RED) Echo and a Philips Hue Starter Kit for $293.99.

While checking to see if the (RED) Echo Shell could be purchased separately, which it can’t, I stumbled on a pair of new holiday-themed Echo Shells that Amazon is making available. Both cost $29.99 each, which is the same as Amazon’s premium wooden Echo Shells. The Red & White version and the Red & Green version are both available to order now, but the product page says they’ll be in stock on November 29, so you likely won’t receive them until the end of the month.

Echo Shells are easily swappable without any tools. You simply grab onto the outside of the Echo and push firmly on the bottom center of the Echo. The shell is only held in place by frictions, so it will slide right off with a bit of force. Just be sure the Echo is unplugged first.

  1. Kien says:

    Seems it is typos. The correct is $99.99 instrad of $9.99

  2. John Petersen says:

    If you preorder, won’t Amazon automatically adjust the price if it drops before shipping? At least, they used to. And this doesn’t ship until December.

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