Amazon bringing original premium games to iOS

Amazon Game Studios has announced that they will be releasing four of their original premium mobile games to the iPhone and iPad. This is a change from their previous efforts which focused only on games for Android, which were often exclusive to Amazon hardware, like the Fire TV only game Sev Zero. Existing games Tales From Deep Space and To-Fu Fury will be among the four released. Additionally, two games currently in development, the haunted adventure game Til Morning’s Light and horror game Lost Within will also make their way to iOS devices. No release date has been set for any of the four titles.

Exclusive games have not been attracting customers to Amazon hardware the same way exclusive content has been working to grow Amazon’s Prime membership. The runaway success of the Fire TV Stick, as proven by Amazon’s inability to keep the device in stock, over the Fire TV is just one example that consumers are willing to give up premium gaming in exchange for lower cost hardware. This platform expansion to iOS will allow Amazon’s game developer team to reach a wider audience and grant them the opportunity to prove they can make great gaming experiences.

SourceThe Verge

  1. nyder says:

    I think the problem with Amazon and games are is the lack of space you have to install them if you have an unroot AFTV.

    The Xcom game that came out. I had to do a system reset/wipe to install the game on my AFTV (before I had a HD hooked up). It needed every little spare bit it could grab just to install. GTA:SA takes up a few gigs, the Oddessy game does, a racing game takes up about a gig.

    Amazon needs to update their software to allow mounting/installing programs to usb devices, otherwise there is no point in anyone doing big games or even exclusive games for them.

    • magister says:

      I agree. I cannot install anything large on the fire TV along with xbmc/kodi. Oddworld literally took over the device.

      Now I have it downloaded to my ouya, which allows for games to be stored over USB.

      On another note, Amazon has not even released all these games for ALL fire devices. Some are exclusive to phones or tablets. Why are they keeping exclusives away from their own games device?

      • Dave D says:

        Totally agree there. Out of all the Amazon Game Studios releases ( so far only Sev Zero is available for the Fire TV. What the heck! One of the big perks of this device was it’s gaming capability, yet Amazon’s own studio isn’t designing the games for the Fire TV, only Android/Kindle tablets & phones, and now IOS. Doesn’t make sense.

        As with the other comments, the Fire TV needs expandable USB memory, without rooting or modding. Downloading more extensive games like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, etc. results in filling up most of the devices storage. You basically have to play one game, finish it, and delete it before you can play/download another one. Hopefully this issue will be one of the next to be addressed. In the meantime I’ll game on my PS4!

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