Amazon, Blink, and Ring cameras on sale for Prime Day — 50% off Cloud Cam

Amazon has put Security Cameras from Blink, Ring, and Amazon on sale for Prime Day. The best deal of the bunch is the Amazon Cloud Cam for $59.99. At 50% off the camera’s regular price, this is the new lowest price that this camera has ever been. Amazon offers free 24 hour cloud storage for their cameras and very well priced plans that start at $6.99 per month if you need more storage with extra smart features like person detection and zone monitoring.

Since Amazon acquired Blink, they’ve also put several of those cameras on sale. The Blink Indoor Camera System is on sale for $69, which is $30 off its regular price, and the Blink XT Outdoor Camera System is on sale for $75, which is $55 off its regular price. If you need more cameras, the 2 Camera Indoor System is $99.99 and the 2 Camera Outdoor System is $139.99. Those deals are $70 and $90 off their regular prices, respectively.

Amazon also acquired Ring, so the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is $174, which is $75 off its regular price. You can also get the Ring Doorbell Pro bundled with an Echo Show for $299.99, which saves you $179. Lastly, the Ring Spotlight Cam is $139.99 for either the wired or battery version. That price is a savings of $60.

  1. JoeB says:

    Which is better, the Amazon Cloud Cam or the Blink XT Outdoor Camera System? Pros and cons?

    • Carig says:

      Blink xt is outdoor cam. Cloud cam is purely an indoor cam

    • beq says:

      I wonder if the next gen will unify Amazon, Ring, and Blink into a single interoperable product line, connecting indoor/outdoor cameras, security system, lights, home control. Leveraging Blink’s power efficient wireless chip (if battery operation is required), Ring’s low service pricing, Amazon’s cloud smarts, etc.

      As it is I’m waiting for a good outdoor security camera with PoE for power & connectivity (perhaps integrated with security floodlight). As for the doorbell, too bad the Ring Video Doorbell Elite isn’t put on sale.

      The Amazon and Google (Nest) ecosystems seem among the 2 safest platforms to settle on…

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