Amazon Appstore will make Android apps available on Windows PCs

Microsoft is revealing the next version of Windows today, Windows 11, and one surprise announcement is that Android apps will be available on Windows PCs via the Amazon Appstore. Amazon’s Appstore will be integrated into the Windows Store, where you’ll be able to browse and install Android apps directly.

This is an interesting expansion for the Amazon Appstore and will, hopefully, bring more Android apps, that are currently only available in the Google Play Store, over to the Amazon Appstore. That would be great for Amazon Fire tablet owners, who often need to sideload the Google Play Store on Fire tablets in order to get some apps not available through the built-in appstore.

One side benefit this may have is providing an easier way to pull APKs from Amazon’s appstore. Currently, the only way to download an APK from Amazon’s appstore is to first install the app on an Android device and then pull it off of the device. With the upcoming Windows Store integration, getting APKs out of the Amazon Appstore may become possible without needing a compatible Android device at all.

While there aren’t too many apps that are only available on the Amazon Appstore, I do see requests for specific Amazon Appstore apps from people that are either in a blocked region of the world or from people wanting who don’t have the necessary device. This is especially true for Android TV device owners that want apps only available on Fire TV devices, however, I have a feeling that Fire TV apps will be excluded from the ones made available on Windows PCs.

  1. kb says:

    Fire TV App on PC will be nice.

  2. b says:

    modded apk on windows will be pretty OP, very hyped

    • Nick says:

      Seriously, so many people will be excited about this if it works like we hope it to. It could just end up being an embedded stock emulation of android os though.. not that it’s a terrible way to go, but I think we are all hopeful of android apps working on windows 10 natively :p

  3. Wrecks says:

    It would be nice to have a complete Alexa app available on Windows that can create routines and everything else that the current Windows Alexa app can’t do.

  4. Gene says:

    Wonder if you’ll be able to side load APK’s that can run on Windows now to make use of apps not in the App Store.

  5. Amazon AppStore also doesn’t have the ludicrous requirement for ARM64 support, so some titles, like Cyboid, will finally be able to run on PC :-)

    ARM64 support is a requirement of OS 9+ and older titles (or those which have a lot of ARM7 code) won’t run on those later devices.

    Amazon’s AppStore, however, has no such requirement because it’s an arbitrary decision by Google to try and move the market towards ARM64 support.

  6. JFC says:

    Already running Bluestacks Android emulator on my windows PCs in order to have on-device access to various Android apps via the Google Play Store that I want and use on my Windows desktop.

    Will be interesting to see how the Windows 11/Amazon app store combination compares to the Bluestacks/Win PC alternative.

    I lean toward using the Android apps on my Windows PC because many of the Windows store apps are poorly updated and pretty cr***y by comparison.

    • I just read that it’ll be possible to, essentially, sideload Android apps that aren’t available in the Amazon Appstore. If the built-in Android emulator in Windows 11 works well enough, you’ll be able to just switch your setup from Bluestacks to the built-in capability and possible have a more streamlined setup.

  7. darkheartdawning says:

    The move toward convergence is convenient. Almost like the blurring the lines from the opposite direction of Chrome OS, as support for Android apps and Linux apps became a reality.

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