Amazon Appstore removed Kodi for false reputation of “facilitating piracy”, while Google Play Store approves Kodi


Last week, Amazon suddenly removed Kodi from the Amazon appstore. The removal came as a shock to both the Kodi community and its developer team, who were not given prior notice of the removal, nor the courtesy of an explanation. After inquiring, the Kodi team have now heard back from Amazon and have informed me that the reason given for the app’s removal is Amazon’s absurd determination that the app can “facilitate the piracy or illegal download of content.” (See Amazon’s full email below.) Amazon has falsely labeled Kodi as a piracy app, while today, the Google Play Store has embraced Kodi by officially approving it into their appstore.

Amazon’s false labeling of Kodi as a piracy app is, no doubt, a result of the numerous third-party piracy add-ons written to run on top of Kodi. As the app existed in the Amazon appstore, Kodi did not posses any pirating capabilities. Kodi’s official add-on repository, accessible from within the app, also lacks any pirating functionality. Users who wish to use Kodi in nefarious ways must go out of their way to install unsupported unofficial add-ons that are completely out of the Kodi team’s control. Kodi does not facilitate piracy anymore than Plex, which Amazon advertises on the Fire TV Stick box. Plex also has unsupported unofficial add-ons that provide access to pirated materials. There’s no reason for Amazon to promote one app while removing the other. While they’re at it, Amazon should remove Opera and all of the other web browsers in the Amazon appstore since they too “facilitate piracy” just as much as Kodi.

The Kodi team, who consist entirely of volunteers, have gone to great lengths to try and stop their app from being associated with piracy. It’s unfair for Amazon to punish Kodi’s open nature due to the actions of third-parties who are outside of the Kodi team’s control. I encourage you to contact Amazon and contact the Amazon Appstore and voice your displeasure with the removal of Kodi.

Email from Amazon to Kodi Team:

Hi [Kodi Team],

Thanks for your e-mail. This e-mail is regarding the Kodi app that you submitted for sale through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program.
In reviewing your app, we determined that it can be used to facilitate the piracy or illegal download of content. Any facilitation of piracy or illegal downloads is not allowed in our program.

Please do not resubmit this app or similar apps in the future.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. kywildcat says:

    Epic fail by Amazon

    • Damian says:

      Download it from Google appstore. even if you end up not needing/weanting/using it- do the world a favour- point out who is in charge here, the end user. Not the massive conglomerate. (Oh btw. Amazon run IMDB too- nasty anti-trust thoughts may rune rife once that’s absorbed by the public hehe!)

    • CHRIS says:

      Kodi facilitates piracy in the exact same way as Windows does or a computer or a smartphone!
      common Amazon don’t be prejudice, get to know it before you judge it!

      • Jim says:

        Thats what I was thinking. Any web browser can facilitate pirated material! It seems Amazon just wanted to protect their losses from their end I guess. Like prime movies for example. But there seems alot of hate from this bad move.

    • Moi Intrepix says:

      Amazon had no problem with sellers selling pirated Android boxes right up until Shaw, Rogers, Bell and Telus began whining for new legislation that essentially stops the sale of pirated boxes or boxes making claims about free tv. The real problem is they can’t legislate laws against Kodi since it has no pirated software and it doesn’t provide any free tv.
      What you do with Kodi after you download and install it on your Windows, Linux, Android, IOS or other devices is all up to the individual as to which servers they want to connect to. Quite frankly, anyone can download Kodi directly from the Kodi website and there isn’t anything illegal about it. As for Shaw, Rogers, Telus and Bell, Good luck with your tv packaging as its about to become unwrapped

    • Moi Intrepix says:

      When Amazon elects to do business with no ethical limits on who they choose to do business with, then I suspect they can’t complain when the trash gets taken out with the trash and Ebay has plenty of it to sell.

  2. JS says:

    well it’s Amazon, absurd unresearched decisions are not uncommon for them.

    • Moi Intrepix says:

      Amazon won’t do any research since they don’t profit from researching or paying anyone to research for them. Hence, they use reviews to expose their sellers and selling practices which lower the bar with links to Ebay. Question is, how low will they go and who will they go with next ?

  3. Todd says:

    This is an Apple-type of dick move. Very surprised to see it from Amazon. Thank goodness for rooting and sideloading to bypass our “benevolent dictators”.

  4. Heath says:

    What a crock of s#$@. Nice one Amazon yet one more reason not to use your site

    • Moi Intrepix says:

      Amazon has no problem allowing sellers to sell whatever they want at ridiculous prices that are more than 3 times the suggested retail prices.
      Amazon is beginning to act like Ebay and Paypal who use Pitney Bowes to extract the extra cash from Canadian buyers via their “Tracking provided”
      crap. Essentially, its a cash grab devised by Ebay and provided by Pitney Bowes. How does it work ? You buy something, it gets shipped from the US with”tracking provided”. When it gets to the border, the brokerage fees, COD fees, tracking fees, handling fees and whatever else they dream up gets added on. Consider it an update to the old UPS Ground shipping which used the same tactics to extract added fees on unsuspecting Canadians. Buyer Beware, avoid Ebay unless you buy it from a Canadian or China based seller. Forget about buying from the US

  5. GAR says:

    If you really cared you would report all those sellers on eBay and Amazon that are selling pirated boxes with KODI in the title. All those sellers clearly advertise FREE CABLE. KODI is your BRAND. Do yourself a favor and reports those sellers that are tarnishing your brand.

    • natethomas says:

      We do report them. It’s surprisingly difficult to get such resellers taken down.

      • keith says:

        Surprisingly difficult if they make money for eBay. They will, no doubt,pull the auctions of some individuals that want to sell a single atv2 with kodi in the title. But the ones that move volume remain for a long time. Its the same way with sports memorabilia. They’ll say they have a strong policy to prevent fraud but I can tell you first hand there’s loads of bogus autographs on eBay and they turn a blind eye. Its people that make those calls and people are responsible for ensuring nothing stops profits from rising.And there’s a limited number of people that check for fraud so the big bosses can see who’s technically doing their job but at the same time protecting the bottom line.
        On the other hand, I don’t know much about the kodi foundation besides the fact that I love the media software. I’m assuming its all non profit but one could argue the “piracy” aspect might tarnish its image in some respects but increase popularity in another.

  6. RgnKjnVA says:

    ‘Software doesn’t pirate content, people pirate content.’

    • Moi Intrepix says:

      Guns don’t shoot people, people shoot people. Same conclusions, different day, different way of reaching and arriving at the same conclusions. If it weren’t for Governments who could we count on to waste billions of tax dollars ?

  7. pgcomputing says:

    What a great move by Amazon!!! And after all the hard work put in by you guys to get it on the app store in the first place.

    I have written a long open message to them and highlighted their double standards when it comes to apps. Hopefully my part along with any others could help them open their eyes and reverse their decision.

  8. Arnold Kelly says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Unless they changed how their stuff works, you can install Kodi from the Google Play store on your Amazon product. Afterall, it’s just an Android device with Amazon’s skin over it. :)

    • Jim King says:

      FYI the Google Play Store (and other services) isn’t available on Amazon’s Android-based devices. They prefer to lock you into their ecosystem. But it is still possible to sideload any app to devices like the Fire TV, which the removal from the Amazon App Store most affects.

  9. pids2010 says:

    I purchased my TV box on Amazon, where the xbmc/kodi names were published in the add.I also think the amazon fire sale’s will drop if
    they don’t have kodi installed ,Bad decision to remove this app, My support to the people who have made kodi what it is and keep improving,
    well done and i wish you all the very best , Thank you people ,

  10. crescentfresh says:

    It’s probably because Amazon is still mad about the name change. Can’t blame em.

  11. Greg says:

    Does this mean they will be stopping sales of xbox 360’s because people could flash them and play pirated games? Thought not!

    Get a grip Amazon

  12. Justin says:

    I know this doesn’t directly affect us but still upsetting. Plex is based off of kodi and like mentioned in the post can also be used for piracy. I don’t understand why kodi is banned instead of plex.

    Is kodi available for Android tv without sideloading?

  13. Andy mac says:

    Don’t Amazon sell counterfeit goods….pot kettle black

  14. Lee Reed says:

    that was quite cowardly of you Cody to throw Plex under the bus like that

  15. viz says:

    The problem is not with Kodi itself but the associated plugins like I*** and others of that kind, which, as far as I know, Plex doesnt have

  16. Joe says:

    Wow so many pirates enraged,I love tv and watch and follow lots of shows. I have subscription services to Hulu,Netflix,and Amazon. And everytime a show gets cancelled or a movie doesnt get the numbers it should have earning it a sequel, i immediately blame piracy …and the thieves who use these avenues like kodi,and if you want tp jump on here and say you legally use kodi, well dont waste my time and yours cause im addressing the 85 percent of kodi users who use it illegally,the other 15 percent are the irrelevant minority,deal with it thats how the world works. And its also ironic that the pirates are the first ones on all the message boards complaining about shows cancelled or movies tanking, either buy or pay for your media, or youre a thief,and thats fine if youre ok with it just as long as you identify yourself as a thief and not a consumer which you forfeit youre right to complain about anything. And if you cant afford it thats no excuse either, work with your means, i cant afford a porche so i drive a civic , i didnt go out and steal a porche….rant over.

    • Drake Steele says:

      You, sir, are an idiot. Kodi is simply a media center. It plays any files you have on your computer. It is no more a piracy application than your browser or media player. But just like your browser, it can be used to access pirated content if you look for addons that do so. But hell, I used it to watch my YouTube, Crackle, Funny or Die and other videos, watch NASA tv or the TWiT broadcasts, listen to my music, and watch my DVRed TV shows on my PC. It’s a very good media player and organizer app, that just happens to be very configurable and easily expanded with addons that anyone can write.

      • Tinwarble says:

        @Drake Steele, couldn’t agree more.

        @Joe, your analogy is just completely wrong. It’s not a matter of steeling a Porsche because can’t afford it. The correct analogy would be using your Civic as a get away vehicle in a bank robbery.

        The difference being, that just because you can do something illegal with software (or car) doesn’t mean it was made for that reason.

        But I guess using your reasoning, if someone hacks your bank account and steals all your money, then it’s the fault of the internet or the PC they used.

      • Joe says:

        Sorry to offend you with my opinion, I obviously hit a little too close to home, But then again I’m an idiot.

        • Buthurt Amazon?? says:

          Oh, hold on everybody, it’s an opinion.
          It’s still wrong.
          Using you analogy my Keyboard is trolling you and not the person typing on it.

    • Alex says:

      What the heck are you talking about? You’re making zero sense. You are probably the worst, most badly educated shill – ever.

    • ME at AOL says:

      If you people are upset about using Kodi for pirated material, then don’t use it. If you have never stolen anything in your life then I respect you very much, you are a better Man or Woman then I am. If you have watched a Movie or TV show on YouTube or watched a copy of a DVD that you didn’t pay for then SHUT-UP!!! and quit acting like you are Holier Then Now.

    • jason says:

      @Joe The real reason stuff gets canceled is that 1 Neilson ratings are poor and only reflect people who they choose. Like they chose my grandparents for a nelson box. The only thing they watch is classic westerns and some HGTV and the news.
      Neilson has not updated how it does ratings since the 1950s. More people today watch on hulu, amazon, iTunes, maybe a few google play, and others wait till the show is posted a few days later on the website.
      Others still DVR it and watch it the next day or when they get to it.
      Nelson does not count DVR shows unless its same day watching.
      They also don’t count online viewing.

      Piracy would not exist you know if cable and satellite companies were reasonable. telling me i have to get this package to get this 1 or 2 channels i want. So i have to get 200 i don’t want to get 2 i do. Then i have to pay for the networks that are free OTA?
      They go up each year and up and then some dump channels when they don’t get wha they want.
      Blame that not piracy. I for one am happy to be a kodi user using 3rd party add ons saves me a ton of money

    • phil johnson says:

      well how sanctimonious are you ?

      it’s very easy to quote made up statistics to support your line of argument and accusations of illegality.

      The thing is that your post is simply full of guesswork and is designed to inflate your own opinion of yourself.

      All it does is make your opinion meaningless. Should the Civic that you drive be made incapable of exceeding the speed limit or removed from sale because everyone (or nearly everyone) that drives a Civic breaks the speed limit ? I think 70% are used for smuggling and gun running too. There are so many crooks that drive Civics. Aren’t there ?

      For the hard of thinking… the above paragraph is a parody and not meant to be taken as a fact.


  17. John Stead says:

    Lets remove Amazon.
    It’s difficult to use my Androids app on Amazon. It has its own operating system, not android.

  18. Teren Foggi says:

    So by Amazon’s own logic, I guess they will cease to sell their own “tablets” since their “tablets” can be made to facilitate the downloading of illegal content.

  19. Enough already says:

    Party is over people. Amazon will now kill Kodi and make it non functional on your aftv. This is the end to amazon stream box’s running non approved content. They are acting like apple and will fallow that model of tightly controlled ecosystem.

  20. Mio says:

    it is possible to block or deny an opensource software??? what about bittorrent or any other torrent software? … stop using amazon products…

  21. Jimmy says:

    The people at Kodi clearly turn a blind eye to what people are doing with their program. They have done not one thing to stop people from making illegal content available. I love Kodi, but lets be honest, they are just as guity as the people making the illegal addons. Just because Kodi is my favorite app does not mean I cannot see what they are doing wrong. Kodi could block all third party addons if they wanted to, but they know that nobody would keep using using Kodi if they did that, so they continue to let people provide illegal content, and that is a fact. Users of Kodi just do not want to see that the makers of Kodi are letting anyone with the knowhow to make an addon, provide whatever content they want whether its legal or illegal. There are no security checks for addons, there is no monitoring of the content provided within the addons, and there is no clearance for addons, they will literally let anyone make an addon and rovide any content they choose to provide within the addon. with al the dumbasses like **** and **** and ebay sellers advertising that Kodi is a program for free TV its just a matter of time before the feds shut Kodi down. I do not have any problem with Amazon removing kodi, cause they added **** the same day they removed Kodi and they still have SPMC in their store, pus who in their right mind would wanna get apps from the Amazn store in the first place.

    • Pedro says:

      I Think you are wrong, Kodi is an open platform, changing that would require a lot more resources from their part, to need to approve every add on, like Amazon do with every app. Indeed since Kodi can do so much, the problem here is equivalent to a web browser, there is so many things one can do with the internet, so it is not possible to control it.

      Same happens with Roku and probably every other streaming device, unless it is completely closed to it’s own controlled store the same problem will keep existing.

      Kodi will keep working on amazon unless they take it to the next level and decide that if there was no Kodi, they would rent more movies and maybe they block sideloading or certain apps, but i don’t think that would benefit them much, Kodi users will just switch to a competitor box.

    • Tinwarble says:

      There you go again, spouting your idiocy about something you know nothing about. They have “turn a blind eye to what people are doing”? So, I guess Mozilla, Microsoft, Google, and all the others that develop browsers are turning a blind eye to those that do illegal things with their software. Or I suppose using your train of thought, Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda and every other car manufacture in the world are enablers of those people that use their cars for bank robberies or vehicular homicide.

      Here is basically what you’re saying. I guy goes out and buys a car (for the sake of argument, lets say it’s a Honda Civic), then that same guy goes to a speed shop and buys a NOS kit to put on his car. Then he takes that car and goes street racing, thereby breaking the law.

      So with your logic, the guy takes something that is legal (the car), then puts applies something from a 3rd party, then does something illegal, yet it’s all Honda’s fault because they knew that this “could” be done with their product and did nothing to stop it.

      What an idiot.

      • Jimmy says:

        No. What the prolem is with what the people at Kodi are doing is that they let people illegal things with their program, and have dne nothing to stop it. There are not that many video addons out there, less than 2’000, and anyone that believes they could not take measures to stop a couple hundred of those addons from being used with their program is blind or stupid. They enable people to create and publish addons with illegal content and refuse to do anything about it. So like I said, maybe 10% of the total addons made for Kodi are strictly illegal content based, and they know it because if you mention these addons on their site they pretend like they don’t want to be assocated with them, and they can block these addons if they wanted, but they do not care how illegal these addons are, cause they want people to keep using their program. I guarantee you when the feds start kicking in their doors these addons will get blocked with a quickness, which will prove my point that they are letting it happen. Is it their job to stop people from passing around illegal content, hell no, but are they guilty for anabeling people to do it on their program, hell yes. Your analogies do not even compare to what Kodi is doing. They have a program which is awesome, but they are letting people use that program solely for illegal purposes and have not lifted a finger to stop it at all. The only thing anyone at Kodi has ever done is get mad when people talk about ilegal ddons on their site, but that is only because they are pretending to care Haven’t you ever noticed that the same live TV playlist that you can post on their website is the same playlist you can find in the live TV addons, which they won’t let you mention the addon, but you post the same exact content on their site. Like I said, its a smoke screen and the people at kodi love the fat that the illegal addons have made their program popular. Just go read their press release about changing their name to kodi and its almost like they really believe changing their name to Kodi was gonna make law enforcemnt think XBMC and Kodi were two different programs. The people at kodi are not too brite when it comes to legal matters. Kodi is doing the same thing Napster did baaack in the day, they gave people a place to share illegal content and disguised it as a media player and pretended like they weren’t responsiblle for others were doing with their program, but we see what happened to Napster, the feds shut em down. All it took was Metallica to find out that people could listen to their music for free with Napster and it led to their downfall, so what do you really think will happen with Kodi, I think its probably gonna be the ssame outcome. Regardless of what you think, if a program provides people a way to share illega content its the program devlopers/owners that are responsibe, just like it was for Napter.

        • Tinwarble says:

          Again, you tend to speak without the knowledge of knowing what it is you’re talking about.

          Yes, Kodi “could” take measures to keep people from using illegal add-ons, but that would no longer make it “open-source” software. That is something that is clearly flying way over your head.

          They are not “letting” people commit illegal activities, nor are the condoning those activities, however, as is the nature of open-source, people are allowed to do what the will with the software. And I fail to see how anyone that develops open-source software can be accused of “enabling” people to do illegal things solely by adhering to their GNU license:

          I suppose Linux is responsible for all the hacked accounts that happen every day since they “could” put a stop to it.

          And my analogies completely compare to what is being done on Kodi, since it is the same thing with any open-source software.

          And I’m not sure what TV list you’re referring too, as the only one that I have seen is that which is from using HomeRun or other PVR add-ons, which is not illegal (unless you consider what WMC does as illegal, since it’s the same thing) and has nothing to with the TV streaming add-ons that you’re referencing.

          Regardless, even if you take everything you just stated as being true, which it’s not, it still has nothing to do with Kodi as it is built. If you take Kodi and install it on a device, it does nothing other than access legal media and requires a user and add-ons not developed or endorsed by the XBMC Foundation to make it do anything other than what it is designed to do.

          But I would not expect you to understand any of that since even correct analogies seen to throw you for a loop.

          Oh, and perhaps you should also learn how to write a paragraph:

        • Tinwarble says:

          By the way, here’s where you lack of knowledge comes in.

          Both legal and illegal add-ons access their content in the same way. The Youtube add-on accesses internet streams the same way i*** does. So how would you suppose that Kodi stop the illegal add-on? Violate their GNU and make the software closed source or partially closed source, or perhaps they could just take away the ability access anything over the internet?

          Yeah, that’s the ticket. Just take away internet access altogether, that would solve everything. I mean that’s the crux of the issue isn’t it? Kodi can be made to access the internet and doesn’t restrict access.

  22. Chris Liddiard says:

    How do they justify keeping plex and removing kodi. Pretty much same material accessible from both?

  23. Chris Liddiard says:

    The’ve also removed all fancy dress costumes due to the amount of pirate material. Who the hell uses amazon app store

  24. jon says:

    and yet Amazon sell products that can be used to download pirate material ?
    plex can also be used for pirate material, makes no sense but then again its Amazon

  25. Bogus Byte says:

    They should remove any and all apps making it possible to take notes… as it might be used to note down a torrent or another link to movie/music/software download… Atleast if they are doing stuff like this… ref kodi removal…

  26. young says:

    I just wanna applaud you guys for proper usage of the captain kirk picture… I don’t really care that they unapproved it since I sideload this no matter what.

    • Tinwarble says:

      Well, being able to sideload it really isn’t the point. It’s a matter of why they removed it from the store.

      And Captain Kirk? What version of Star Trek did you watch? Captain Kirk was a “Generation” earlier.

    • RgnKjnVA says:

      That would be Captain Picard, bro.

      • young says:

        hahah you can tell i’m an avid star trek watcher.. I assumed they were all the same guy they just kept replacing the character like they do on most tv shows. Anyway my point is you guys should be sideloading this shit anyway amazon can remove any app at anytime they want because its their product who gives a shit and when it was approved it didn’t work properly anyway. It’s like when they legalize weed and then criminalize it who gives a shit everyone is just gonna smoke weed anyway legal or not.

  27. The Unchosen One says:

    I’m not sure we should point the pitchforks too hard at Plex, if history has taught us anything this will just result in the removal of plex from the appstore as well. Kodi is super easy to sideload and I will continue to use it alongside Plex. If Amazon completely blocks Kodi I will probably just sell the FTV’s and find something that will allow it.

  28. Bill Hughes says:

    If Amazon wants to keep their best selling product, a Best Selling Product they better quit upsetting their costumers because if I want a closed eco system I will buy an Apple Product. If you are forced into a closed echo system, Apple is more elegant. I used to swear by Roku until AFTV came along then I sold my Roku,I can sell my Amazon Fire TV just as easy. Company beware!

  29. Max says:

    E-mailed Amazon to do my part and overload them with complaints! What a stupid move.

    • Doug says:

      Shield is a potentially superior alternative, though twice the price and has its own shortcomings. It’s certainly a better effort at Android TV than the miserable Nexus Player but I’d still prefer the Fire TV.

      I’ll be sticking with the Fire.

  30. keith says:

    My minor point above wasnt to cast suspicion over team kodi. i really think their intentions were pure from the start but i just want to point out the (irony?, i guess…)
    Regardless of how it was conceived, a great deal of its popularity came with the addition of “piracy” addons.
    As for piracy itself, there really are some good points on BOTH sides. But i think this discussion has more to do with our freedom as internet subscribers and electronics consumers. I dont think its affecting their profits or hurting the “little guys” nearly as much as they want people to think. No, this is more about control. For the most part we are obedient, passive citizens. The internet is one place where that control system could potentially break down. And if anyone’s interested it is a part of the new trade deal parts of congress are trying to fast track.

  31. shwru980r says:

    Customers sideload the add ons to Kodi in the same way they sideload Kodi or other so called infringing apps to the Fire TV. Amazon facilitates infringement in the same manner as Kodi.

    But you can’t really blame Amazon for removing Kodi from the app store, because Kodi directly competes with Amazon Prime and other streaming services that Amazon offers and there is no source of revenue for Amazon when a customer uses Kodi.

    • keith says:

      I dont blame them. It actually makes sense from a business standpoint, though i didnt appreciate the abrupt, dismissive tone in that message to team kodi.
      I just think if we support that totalitarian type business model, we will be more and more inhibiting the freedoms we have today. Thats not a license to steal, but more like the way people get up in arms over gun reform. We shouldnt sacrifice liberties to stop people who make the choice to abuse power. Our silence means we agree. Thats why i think people should correct amazon.

      • Buthurt Amazon?? says:

        But how? Words generally never work.
        I’m not really up for killing someone unless there is a good reason and this isn’t a good enough one.

        What can you do?

  32. ME at AOL says:

    If you people are upset about using Kodi for pirated material, then don’t use it. If you have never stolen anything in your life then I respect you very much, you are a better Man or Woman then I am. If you have watched a Movie or TV show on YouTube or watched a copy of a DVD that you didn’t pay for then SHUT-UP!!! and quit acting like you are Holier Then Now.

  33. snorkel says:

    The shield is tempting.
    If amazon blocks sideloading all 3 of my fire tvs will be going up for sale on ebay.

    I do have the amazon instant video app on my samsung TV, though it is no where near as nice as the fire tv.

    • jason says:

      Amazon is not going to block KODI i don’t see how they can do that without blocking side loading period.

  34. Corky says:

    I bet Bezos runs Kodi in his theater.

    Maybe Kodi can be used to pirate control of drones !

  35. CMBX says:

    More reason to have or find a fire tv that you can root. Look for fire tvs with:
    DSN 709002014xxx
    DSN 709003024xxx
    DSN 709003034xxx
    DSN 709003054xxx

    Where xxx is in the 151-344 range(3054xxx boxes need to be downgraded while 2014xxx, 3024xxx, and 3034xxx don’t). Fire TVs with DSN # 2014xxx where xxx is under 151 do not have any factory software on them. They need to connect to amazon’s servers to download and that’s why you now can’t get past updates screen at startup. Early on, one could let the fire tv update and it would do it incrementally so you could stop on rootable software version. But those day are gone and fire tvs with DSN 709002014xxx where xxx is lower than 151 will just update to the most current software which is obviously not rootable. Thanks to for decoding the DSN and to the ebay seller(currently selling fire tvs for 199.99) for inditectly letting me know about the early fire tvs not having any software thus needing to connect to amazon’s servers to download its software. Highly recommend buying a rootable fire tv(119.99 on ebay with free s&h). Price can be lower with all the discounted ebay gift card deals out there for Father’s day. You’ll have control over the fire tv and you’ll be rooted with the latest amazon software update courtesy of rbox on xda dev forum.

  36. Wes says:

    Just get a Raspberry Pi 2 and put Kodi on it problem solved screw Lamazon products.

  37. jimbo says:

    Kodi seem to forget that they also allow piracy and illegal content,so the fact they are shouting about this and blaming everyone else,maybe they should look closer to home

    As an example the fact that they have allowed access illegally to premiership football for the past year from one of their addons,which has been specifically made to access streams by bypassing account logins ,including the discussion of it on their site along with developement of it and inclusion in their repo,seems to have mysteriously and conveniently escaped their notice,along with people selling accounts on their forum

    Bunch of hypocrites

    • Tinwarble says:

      Good grief!!!! What a bunch of fecal matter that is. Not only are you misinformed, nothing and I mean nothing that you just typed is the truth.

      Everything you just stated was made up out of whole cloth.

      • jimbo says:


        Instead of spouting in your words “fecal matter”,pray tell us all which part of what i said is misinformed and not the truth and please provide evidence to back yourself up if you wish to provide such an abrupt rebuttal

        Or are you claiming i just imagined the whole thing,along with everybody else that i see that has said they have uesed the addon,and the developer is some strange figment of my imagination,and the person selling accounts via pm on the forum is just a ghost?

        • Justin says:

          Was the addons directly supported by Kodi or was it an unofficially third party addon downloaded from a third party repo? They are strict about what they allow in addons hosted on their official repo.

          • jimbo says:

            As stated above in my post,its from kodi,not a third party site and its in their repo along with a thread that started last year and is still ongoing (but of course according to mr warble,this is nonsense and apparantly is made up,so maybe its not really there)

            I know how strict kodi are about discussing certain items and what they wont allow

            Unfortunately some people such as mr tinwarble wear kodi tinted glasses and will only reply with rude comments such as he did here

            At least you had the courtesy to reply in a civil manner,thank you

            For what its worth,i think its ludicrous amazon have removed kodi from the store and i hope it is put back there.Kodi is a wonderful piece of software,a wonderful media center

            I just dont think it so good to put out tweets etc blaming everyone else for this without getting their own house in order first

          • Tinwarble says:

            Which part? Every part since Kodi doesn’t develop add-ons nor do they include any add-on in the official respo that allows for by-passing or usurping account based services. Not to mention (1.12) now name the add-on that does.

            Nor have I ever seen any posts in the Kodi forum were people are selling accounts, if you have proof of that, link the thread(s).

    • CMBX says:

      So you’re saying that when you download Kodi from Amazon that this football “addon” is installed along with it? I seem to remember that when you download Kodi…it comes with no such addon.

      • jimbo says:

        Again you are wrong mr warble and nobody said kodi develop addons

        If you want proof,go look at the kodi forum,along with the other almost quarter of a million views that the thread has had

        I wont link to it or discuss it further here as it just advertising for it and that is the whole point of this thread

        Kodi stay away from this kind of thing and rightly so,and i hope to see it back in the app store sometime soon

        Your posts arent always correct as you seem to think so and you come across bullish toward anyone that might say something that you dont agree with

        Trying to belittle someone by pointing out their gramatical shortcomings…come on dude,dont be so odious

        Peace and love and long live kodi :-)

        • Tinwarble says:

          And again, I say which thread? You throw accusations around with no proof to back up your claims.

          It’s not a matter of thinking I’m correct or trying to bully anyone, but when someone makes a false claim, especially one that can’t be backed up with any facts other than saying go look at some thread which you can’t point to as an example. Or saying that Kodi includes piracy add-ons, but not giving any proof.

          With that logic I could say “jimbo likes to drown puppies, I’ve seen pictures” and I guess that makes it the truth even though I have no evidence to the fact that you’ve ever done such a thing.

          Now, unless you have some proof, go crawl back under your bridge.

  38. Ujn Hunter says:

    In other news… Amazon removes all web-browsers from their products due to the fact that they are “facilitating piracy”.

  39. datruf says:

    “false reputation”? If you think Kodi has a reputation for anything other than piracy on a wholesale level you’re in denial. I’m a huge user. Got my firestick on day one, loaded with t*** on day 1.5. Been a huge warez leech my whole life. As a human being it’s my birthright to absorb any information that I choose to and f#@k some robber baron telling me I’m not rich enough, and that includes all the artistic and cultural offerings the human race has to offer. So yeh I’ll DL ’till I die. But you all sound like little kids caught red handed and still denying it to your accusers face. Just own up to it and start working towards the next step in the battle.

    You can’t tell me with a straight face that 90% of people using Kodi don’t have G*** loaded, or p***, or i***. Please keep your arguments in the realm of reality.

  40. John Doe says:

    Why do people care that they took the app link off the site. Last time I checked downloading this app did nothing if you didn’t sideload KODI on the FireTV. This is a FireTV web site right? And you’re still able to run KODI on the FireTV, right? The only people this affects is Layer 8. If you don’t know what Layer 8 is, then that means you. BOO HOO, KODI is not in my recent list any more. Now I have to click 2 more times to launch it. I swear this generation is the worst bunch of lazy, do it for me, cry babies.

  41. Watcher3230 says:

    Wow Amazon. Way to be douchebags. This is exactly why I never used your appstore or your shitty devices. locked down and poorly managed. No thanks.

  42. Pedro says:

    LOL absurd

    what about remove acess to internet to the entire world coz it can be used in piracy??
    or leak all water in the world to stop piracy in middle east.
    thx god i use google playstore so i can decide if i install or not kody.
    hate when some americans and i mean just a few think the world belong to them

  43. Tony says:

    They some crazy people… under that assumption,they should stop selling Windows and any other OS.

    “Facilities piracy” bah

  44. Amazonian says:

    Just another example of double standards. The best I know of was YouTube, when some guys stole my car. I had video of whole theft including an in car dash camera. When I got the car back, I put the video on YouTube. The thieves saw the video and reported it to YouTube for ‘harrassment’. I got a lifetime ban!.

    It’s not us who decide whats right and wrong these days, its the corporations. We have no say in such matters. Welcome to 21st century culture :)

  45. Nicolas says:

    Amazon following Apple footsteps in disappointing people who love to enjoy the freedom of choice. So glad I’ve used their asses so many times for that prime shipping serviced and have never paid a cent.

  46. larry says:

    as a Canadian amazon treats us as second class citizens and this is just another example of their high handedness

  47. John Lord says:

    By this logic, Amazon should remove all their CD and DVD burners as devices which facilitate the illegal copying of CD’s and DVD’s. Maybe also quit selling PC’s as they are devices that also facilitate whatever-the-heck the user wants. How will Amazon pulling Kodi affect anything at all, except to push people away from visiting Amazon and over to Google’s store? or to ? Weird decision on Amazon’s part.

  48. don bent says:

    i like when these companies help build an app, or support it, then when people
    actually use it they say its piracy, well sorry to tell ya companies,
    whats on the net that aint aiding in piracy,

    technology is made to be used, so dont cry wolf when people use it!!!!

  49. xnamkcor says:

    What is “facilitate piracy”? Does it let you use Kodi to rip DVDs and Blurays and share them with other people? Do they include codecs for encrypted or DRM’d files?

  50. campones says:

    and they are entirely right.

    kodi’s addons nowadays use regex all over to fetch protected content and serve it to kodi’s users. It doesn’t respect websites in any ways, using their bandwidth abusively without bringing ANYTHING to websites’s owner that have to support extra bw costs without getting any incomes from these people.

    Many streaming sites will eventually disappear when they realize it s impossible to maintain streams secured

  51. Vgsln1968 says:

    The Internet is not a right it is a privilege. Like all privileges it can be taken away from the public.

  52. Ham Solo says:

    Kodi is the best front end for MythTV PVR and for using HDHomeRun Live TV Streaming. It can also be used with all other PVR software such as WindowsMediaCenter, SageTV, etc.

    Removing Kodi makes Fire TV no longer the perfect device for combining a front end for your home PVR + netflix + prime + hulu etc..

    Now its time to skip Fire TV and instead start looking harder at the china android TV boxes and the other solutions like the Nvidia.

  53. deioz says:

    Curious to know which part of Kodi supports piracy, I wrote to Amazon asking them this question. Their response:

    Kodi is an illegal application that plays movies that
    are still in theaters.

    So I wrote them back, asking:

    Can you please tell me specifically, technically, and
    in full detail, in which way Kodi plays movies that are
    still in theaters? Does it do it through an add-on?
    And if so, which add-on specifically? Or does it do
    it through some other way, and if so, which way exactly?

    I doubt that they will give me a clear and unambiguous answer.

    • Destiny® says:

      i can answer that for u. kodi allows you to install repositories like i***, s***, and others. these repositories do allow you to stream theater burn movies while they are still in the theaters, usually with in 24 hours of it first appearing in theaters.

      however the developers of kodi are not the people who are recording the movies in theaters, they are not the ones putting those movies on the internet, they are not the ones linking those movies to streaming sites, and for the most part they are not the ones making the repositories that allow you to stream those movies.

  54. Destiny® says:

    kodi is an open source application that was designed to allow users to access media that their device could not access, these media sources include youtube, netflix, NAS servers etc.

    being open source means that the general public is free to take the program code and alter it or distribute it in anyway they see fit. which also means that should the developers start locking the program someone else will take the original code and distribute it under a different name with out the locks.

    though kodi does have its own official repos for the most part the repos are user made and maintained. which makes them real buggy. and they go in and out of service.

    for those looking to replace their cable/satelite tv with a kodi box i think you should think twice about it. dont get me wrong kodi is a great program with great possibilities. however there are lots of movies that dont work, alot of the time it is hard to find a working source, and even when u do find a working source alot of the time u have to wait for it to buffer. and remember that in order to stream movies you are using your internets bandwidth. which could end up costing you more than paying for cable.

    kodi does however make a great addition to your home media center for those times when there is just nothing on TV that u want to watch, or if u want to watch a specific movie with out having to go and rent it or download it.

    for those people claiming that watching movies on kodi is pirating lets do some math.

    lets assume that you have sattelite tv, that your sattelite gives u 1000 channels to watch, and that each channel airs 48 movies/shows per day.
    that is 48,000 movies/tv shows aired on your sattelite every day or 1,440,000 movies/tv shows aired per month.
    lets assume that you pay $150 per month for your sattelite service.
    that means that you are paying $0.0001 per movie/show that you could watch on your sattelite.

    now lets assume that you pay $100 per month for internet service. lets also assume that your internet is used for nothing but streaming movies over kodi. and lets assume that you get 100 GB of internet usage for free per month. and lets assume that you pay $4.00 per GB over the free 100 GB your provider gives you.
    most movies that are in avi format are around 700 mb. that is less than 1.5 movies per 1 gb of internet usage.
    that means that for the 100 GB u get free u can stream 66.6 movies and that you are paying about $3.00 per movie after that.

    i pay $3.00 per movie i stream/download. you pay $0.0001 per movie you watch on TV. now who is the pirate?

    the difference is that your movies/tv shows are determined by a very select group of people where as mine are determined by ME. and this is the main reason that programs like kodi are becoming more and more popular.

    20 years ago cable tv was the biggest thing going. today however is the digital world. and cable/sattelite companies have to catch up to the rest of us. which they are starting to do on a very small scale with video on demand. a smart sattelite/cable provider would do exacelty what repositories like i***, S*** and others are doing.

  55. jaco says:

    maybe they should ban the youtube app if they are concerned about piracy

  56. DSC says:

    But yet Amazon lets kodi streaming box’s be sold everyday on it flagship


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