Amazon appears to now require additional account information to install free Fire TV apps

The specifics aren’t entirely clear, but it seems as though Amazon has increased the requirements necessary for an Amazon account to download free apps on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Device owners have always needed to have an Amazon account that had the 1-click buying option configured before being able to download any apps, whether they were paid or free, but it seems as though that isn’t enough anymore. Several people trying to use my Downloader app have told me they are now seeing error messages, referencing their Amazon account details, when trying to install apps.

It’s not entirely clear what has changed, but it seems Amazon is now requiring a more full-fledged Amazon account in order to install apps. One negative review from yesterday for my app says they are being asked to update their billing address. Another user has told me he is being asked to make similar changes. A credit card or other payment method may now also be required. A few weeks ago I received messages from several people saying they were being asked to simply login to their Amazon account when trying to use my app, which doesn’t make much sense since they would have to already be logged into an Amazon account to even use a Fire TV in the first place.

Whatever the specifics are, it seems clear that Amazon wants Fire TV users to have more information associated with their Amazon accounts before being allowed to access the appstore. This is very likely another attempt to discourage the use of bogus Amazon accounts on the Fire TV, much like the mass deregistration of devices that was occurring a few months ago.

Amazon continues to have a piracy epidemic with the Fire TV and it’s greatly amplified by resellers who buy Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks, load them with piracy software, and resell them for a profit with the promise of free movies and TV shows. One of the main issues with this for Amazon is that the buyers of these devices continue to use the resellers bogus Amazon account, which was used to configure the device, instead of logging in with their own Amazon account.

It seems likely that these stricter new requirements for Amazon accounts to access the Fire TV appstore are an attempt to encourage those buying devices from resellers to, at the very least, login with their personal Amazon account. I welcome this change if it means Amazon will no longer deregister devices just because a single Amazon account has more than a certain number of Fire TVs registered to it.


7/28/17 This article originally incorectly stated that a credit card has always been required to download free apps.

  1. Llyod says:

    I see Amazon completely redesigned their Prime Photo app. (At least on the Element TV). Now it supports facial recognition. Wonder if its rolling out to the regular firetv?

  2. TechyChris says:

    Not sure if this is related but I have updates blocked (for some time now) and last night I noticed on the FTV home screen, the “RECENTS” list which has always been the first line at top is now gone (not that I miss it) this is true for all my blocked FTV’s. I hope I’m not going to have a problem installing NEW apps from here on out given the state my FTV’s are in BUT I did expect the day would come when they would no longer function well. Sadly I will not purchase new FTV’s, there are better, more versatile devices out there now, even if they do cost a bit more.

  3. Graeme Donald says:

    “Device owners have always needed to have an Amazon account that had either a credit card on file, Amazon gift card credit, or Amazon Coins before being able to download any apps, whether they were paid or free”
    This is completely untrue. i have always used madeup amazon accounts for firesticks and still do. not once have i had to put in credit card, vouchers or coins.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I know you can use “madeup amazon accounts” to setup the device, but were you able to download apps as well?

      • John says:

        You could always use a “dummy” account and still download apps without having any of the items you mentioned on file. The only requirement was for your Amazon account to have a 1-click address on file. It’s been that way for years. No new info is required.

        • John 2 says:

          I second this. This is a fact

        • ALICIA says:

          I made a dummy account for amazon and now I’m trying to set up my fire stick. For some reason the screen reads
          Purchase failure
          Amazon could not complete order due to not having a valid payment billing address set up in my account. Update my address. I went to my account and added my neighbors address. My 1-click amazon is also on. Please help!

    • ray says:

      thats the problem im having i dont have a credit card and i cant proceed anyfurthder with the sig up , what can i do this is ridiculous

      • Jay says:

        technically youu can make a fake address, fake name, fake amazon account. Disable 1-click on your laptop in your amazon account. Downloader, kodi, etc etc etc can be installed without amazons 1-click approval it just takes a few steps and tweeking. People may tell you adb link but no don’t listen to that there are other ways, although adb can be useful sometimes.

    • Michael Powers says:

      Can you tell me how to get passed it’s telling me I need a valid address? I already have account setup a

  4. tech3475 says:

    I suspect this wont do much to prevent ‘fully loaded’ resellers considering that you can still get apks on to the device via adb.

    • AFTVnews says:

      It’s not supposed to hurt resellers. It’s to help ensure those who buy from resellers end up using their own Amazon account with the device, instead of leaving the reseller’s account logged in.

  5. Keith Stevens says:


    2/13/18 This article’s update incorrectly spelled “incorrectly”.

  6. Juan says:

    So is necessary now to add credit card info?, what if i don’t have, what can i do? because a friend of mine want to buy one stick, but he do not use credit card.

  7. Stu Pidasso says:

    Get a cheap pre paid card for 2 bucks and put the minimum 10 bucks on it. Use it to create the account and just don’t load any more money and let it cancel out. Make up a email and name and give Amazon all the info they want and just download away. Amazon is not as slick as they think they are

  8. Tracy Lawrence says:

    I am having the same issue with Amazon Fire tablet. I can’t download any FREE apps without having a credit card registered. I don’t want to register a credit card & tried to enter a dummy card # as suggested on another forum, but that didn’t seem to work. Does anyone know a way around it? I can’t find anything online.

  9. Andy supa says:

    Wish I’d seen this before I bought 1 today won’t let me do nothing until I put credit card or direct debit details in.i don’t own any of them all iv got is a basic account

  10. Zack says:

    This happened to me. Does anybody know if you can buy a prepaid card to enter into your account instead of using personal debit card?

  11. Bill says:

    I have a valid Amazon account in both Canada and the USA, but only a Prime membership in the United States (since Amazon uses Canada Post in Canada for deliveries and it is incapable of delivering within 2 days). I got my new Firestick today, but it wouldn’t let me download any Apps unless I had a Canadian Prime account. All the advertising in Canada (and online) says you DON’T need a Prime Account to do this. Is this an Amazon scam?

  12. John says:

    How do you get past invalid adress when trying to downloade downloader on my fire stick address is correct

  13. Courtney Thomas says:

    I do you register to re-registered my fire stick using my legitimate Amazon prime account It deleted all my previous apps that were downloaded and now I can’t download any apps or use downloader on my fire stick what’s the deal?

  14. Cindy Nesline says:

    the problem I have been having is that I can download paid apps and my credit card and 1-click address and info is there but when I go to download free apps I get the error message that I don’t have a valid 1-click billing address and I do so I just don’t get it. works fine with my 1-click address and cc info when paying. I have had 5 different fire sticks and it does the same on each including the newest one that I just purchased in May. I have been on the phone with Amazon for months – but this has literally happened since day one about 5 years ago and has never been fixed. Help!!!!

  15. Emily Hemingway says:

    And you just used wrong grammar.

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