Amazon announces the Fire TV Stick

Amazon is going after Chromecast with today’s announcement of the Fire TV Stick. The stick offers the same experience as the full Fire TV. The $39 device can be pre-ordered now and begins shipping November 19th. Amazon Prime members can order the Fire TV Stick for just $19 for the next two days.

The Fire TV Stick has 8GB of internal storage, just like the full Fire TV. It has half the RAM of its bigger brother at 1GB. The remote that comes with the stick is not capable of using the voice search feature, but the Fire TV Stick is compatible with the Fire TV Voice Remote which can be purchased separately for $29.99. The stick is also compatible with Amazon’s Fire Game Controller and a soon to be released Fire TV Remote App that will allow you to control the Fire TV Stick and perform voice searches from a smartphone.

  1. Juan says:

    Si You think we can install xbmc on this stick?

  2. robert says:

    I got an additional “Promotion Applied” credit. Don’t know what that is but ii was another $5 off. Plus I did not get the 500 free Amazon coins from the recent Prime Instant promotion so they gave me a $5 gift card. So this ended up costing me $9 total… Sweet….

    • josh timothy says:

      How did you get them to give you the $5 gift card? I didn’t get the credit either for the instant video promotion.

  3. madusmacus says:

    I noticed last night my xbmc seemed to be using all 4 cores this has 2? I wonder if that would matter

    • pmcd says:

      Which version uses 4? I use SBMC and it seems to only use 2.

      • madusmacus says:

        Dam im starting to doubt myself now

        I was messing with the onscreen debug messages and im sure I saw all 4 cpus with %
        I will check again tonight

        I am currently using


  4. BillH says:

    I compared the specs, features and price. I would much rather pay more for the Fire TV media player than the Fire TV stick especially if the stick may not be able to get xbmc. The portability of the stick is really nice though. I can see the fire tv stick hurt the sales of the fire tv media player…. Google comes out with Nexus player to compete with the Amazon Fire TV…. And then we soon see the Fire TV stick come out to compete with the Google Chromecast.

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