Amazon announces official Ethernet Adapter compatible with Fire TV Stick and all-new 4K HDR Fire TV

Amazon has announced an official Ethernet Adapter compatible with both the existing 2nd-generation Fire TV Stic and the all-new 4K HDR Fire TV that was also announced today. It’s available to pre-order today for $14.99 and will be released on October 25.

  1. Baldeman1969 says:

    So the new fire tv won’t come with a micro sd slot for memory expansion?

  2. LTM says:

    Call me cynical, but does anyone else think this is a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. The previous Fire TV had ethernet and usb built in. Here comes the new box, no USB and no ethernet….unless you buy the new ethernet attachment which adds extra bulk and just hangs down and you pay for the privilege of having something that was already built in to the previous version. So now we have a smaller fire tv that you can hide easier, but it also requires something else to hang down with it to get the stability that ethernet provides. Other than saving $15 over the previous fire tv when you add the cost of the new fire tv added with the ethernet attachment, what’s so evolutionary about the product.

    • Phil says:

      Exactly! Everyone with a brain should be able to understand this, but it’s good you spelled it out.

      Horrible design choice not to just integrate the ethernet port to begin with!

      The new FTV3 will be $85 + tax when all said and done. And that’s the same price as the FTV2. However, it won’t perform nearly as fast as the FTV2 and will also be missing USB and SD card ports.

      Why in the world did Amazon even make this FTV3?

      • sugarh says:

        I would guess that 95% (maybe 99%?) of users these days just use WiFi and won’t have the technical know-how & savvy to connect an ethernet cable to their FireTV. So for those 95%, the new FireTV is cheaper, faster, better.

        For those 5% that do want an ethernet port (like me). This is a clunky, ugly solution.

        • Christopher Loughrey says:

          Most people do use ethernet, that’s one of the primary reasons why people opted for the Fire TV over the Fire Stick as wireless isn’t stable, especially if you’re far from the router or are streaming from Kodi which requires far stronger speeds than Amazon Video. This is a major step back and I don’t see why anyone in their right minds would buy this over the 2nd gen. if it wasn’t for the 2nd gen with SD card expansion and ethernet I’d move to Nvidia Shield. Once this fire TV 2 dies I’ll be leaving Amazon Fire TV for good.

          • Jay says:

            Well, with all due respect, I have a very stable wireless signal with much more speed than necessary to stream 4K/HDR video. I don’t use Kodi. The current Fire TV stick has enough built-in storage for all of my video apps. I don’t do any gaming at all. So the new Fire TV looks great to me. See, I am in my right mind;).

            But seriously, everyone’s needs are different. It’s great that we have multiple options for streaming hardware.

        • Jim says:

          I would guess most of us that went out of our way to pay extra for the FireTV set top box instead of the stick disagree. The only reasons to buy that were to get ethernet and memory expansion.

        • Den says:

          You idiot
          Other way round most prefer Ethernet for tv Games pc it just phone for WiFi really and few others

      • darryl demag says:

        I guarantee you that within a week or two of the New Fire TV being released that Amazon will announce the New Fire TV 4K Box device which all the tech magazines say is coming out. Just like when they released the New Fire 8″ tablet, after people ordered and received then Amazon announced a new 10″ tablet — all to get people to buy twice. They will do the same with the Fire TV Box, mark my words!

    • Justin says:

      This is for the firestick, which has never had a ethernet port and is half as much as the firebox

      • Christopher Loughrey says:

        Also for the new Fire TV 3 which no longer has an ethernet port of SD card slot.

      • Bob says:

        It’s for BOTH the Fire Stick and this new Fire TV 3.

        You’re going to be paying the same amount for the Fire TV 3 including the ethernet adapter as you would for the Fire TV 2. And the Fire TV 2 will still be measurably faster than the FTV3.

  3. Keith says:

    Meh…Think I’ll pass. I’m still waiting for the big upgrade. I was disappointed with Fire TV gen 2.
    With no sd slot, Id rather spend the same and buy a mibox or spend more and get SHIELD with just the remote.
    The advantage to Amazon is good hardware, low price, EXCELLENT prime integration.This just falls short. MIGHT get me if it were $50 but even then it feels like an over powered fire stick.

    • Christopher Loughrey says:

      Yeah, the MiBox is far superior to any of the Fire TVs, I only chose the Fire TV 2 over it because of the SD card expansion. But the MiBox is now a better option for the same price as it has native ethernet and the far more superior Android TV which can also play Amazon Video in the 200 supported outside the Prime countries unlike the Fire TV. I’ll be dropping Fire TVs for Nvidia Shield once my Fire TV 2 runs out.

  4. Charlie says:

    Very nice!

  5. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Wow, Fire TV 3 is a MASSIVE disappointment. Talk about a major step back! I can see that being a major flop as there are better alternatives out there these days from Android TV.

  6. Fred_EM says:

    One more “dongle” dabbling around behind the TV …

    Oh no!

    There should be a fat ass multi-core-whatnot Fire TV Box
    and this box should come with a regular 1G Ethernet port,
    if not two (including a small switch to connect some other critter).


  7. Vlaves says:

    I’m happy bout thr Fire TV 3, finally an SoC with the capability of proper 1080i h264 deinterlacin, where my Fire TV 2 always faild.

    I know, for most non European ppl, that doesn’t matter.

    And the Box will be as fast as the Mi Box, but with way better Prime Video integration, what more one can want from a media player? :)

    • Jim says:

      What more can one want… let’s see:

      1. For a big device to not have to hang off the back of our TV.
      2. For the device to have an ethernet port.
      3. Expandable storage.
      4. Built in OTA tuner to get the same experience as the Fire Edition TVs.
      5. Built in DVR functionality for the OTA you gain in point 4 using the expandable storage.
      6. USB ports for using external mass storage devices if your expandable storage doesn’t cut it.

      Just to name a few. There’s a LOT of things they could have done here to make this a monumentally awesome upgrade and instead all they did really is say “look now you can hang the FireTV box off your TV as if it was a Fire Stick!” If we wanted the stick, we’d buy the stick. Also FireTV2 already does 4K so this is a big fat “meh.”

      • vlaves says:

        Sure, a lot of things are missing, but you can for sure combine some USB things, same as the Ethernet Adapter now is offered. Maybe one Adapter with a USB hub, where you can plug in a USB Stick, a Ethernet adapter and if the Googles Live TV Channels App is running or just by using MrMC, you have perfect Live TV. Currently non of this is the case at least if you watch HD Channels here in Germany.
        I have a Raspberry, only using it as tvheadend server and an attached USB Stick for Recordings. Just that non of the Fire TV devices so far was able to do proper deinterlacing, the new Box will be able to.
        So for me this is an improvement. Sure thought about the Shield TV, but then there the remote is really awful and you can’t deactivate the games stuff…I really just need a good player (Amazon Prime, Netflix and Live TV)…non of the Fire TV devices was so far able to…

  8. quaziquest says:

    Whats the possibilities of this working with a non rooted first gen?

  9. odoll says:

    Hmm, wouldn’t a powered USB-Hub with an USB-OTG-Ethernet-Adapter do the same, plus some extra USB ports?!

  10. JoeB says:

    They should have at least at a few USB ports to this thing.

  11. Ben Bieber says:


    Is this gigabit ethernet or 100 Mbps?

  12. Richard says:

    This seems to hint FireTV 3 might support a USB hub and OTG. Any expert opinions?

  13. Tom Bec says:

    Isnt this better? U could add more devices to the ftv :)

    I got the 1st gen stick, so cant try it myself…

  14. shwru980r says:

    Amazon knows that people are ripping DVDs and using bittorrnet to download movies to watch them for free. So they reduced the CPU horsepower, eliminated USB A slots and SD card slots.

    • chris says:

      I think Amazon knows people are doing lots of things with their fire tv that it was not “officially” designed for. But i think amazon’s goal at this point is to get as many new users into their ecosystem as possible. They really don’t care why you buy as long as you buy. That said a lan port and a usb port for a hd are expectations for me so I’ll be looking else where. I expect there will be a Amazon everything ie echo/fire t.v. device in the near future.

  15. C B says:

    It all comes down to money and how much more they can extract from you.

  16. S.A. Jordan says:

    You can get a Roku, for cheaper, and already has the Ethernet, micro USB, and memory slot. Plus you can add your Amazon TV to the list of channels that Roku gives you. The one thing tha Amazon and the android, and chrome boxes allow you to add just. About any bandit operation you want.

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