Amazon announces its first Smart Thermostat for $59.99

The new Amazon Smart Thermostat is the company’s first product to directly control your home’s heating and air condition system. At only $59.99, its priced well below the top smart thermostats from Google Nest and Ecobee, yet includes similar advanced features.

Amazon has teamed up with Honeywell for the creation of its smart thermostat. The front of the device features a large digital temperature display, up and down arrows for temperature adjustment, and a mode selection button. Of course, the thermostat can be controlled by voice through any Alexa device or remotely through the Alexa app. Unlike some thermostats, like the Ecobee 4, the Amazon Smart Thermostat does not have microphones or speakers to talk to Alexa directly.

The smart thermostat can automatically change the temperature when people are or aren’t home by learning your habits. It can use Alexa Hunches to learn your routines and automatically set temperatures at different times that you usually set. It can also adjust based on your phone leaving your home. Amazon says that this automation can save an average of $50 on yearly energy bills compared to a traditional thermostat.

The Amazon Smart Thermostat can be pre-ordered now for $59.99 and will be released on Novemeber 4th.

  1. Jeffery Barlow says:

    Any idea if it will be available in Canada ?

  2. Nate says:

    I was wondering when Amazon would make a jump into this segment of the smart home market, so I am happy to see this announcement.

    I know details are probably pretty sparse at the moment, but Elias, do you know if this thermostat will support secondary sensors in other rooms akin to Ecobee? Or at least planned to have that in the future?

  3. TechyChris says:

    Be Careful Before Purchasing!
    There are two main types of Smart Thermostats.
    This Thermostat appears to be the first option below.)
    #1 – Powered directly via “C” wire electrically through your heating system. If No “C” wire is available an optional battery power pack can be added (additional expense and kind of ugly in my humble opinion)
    #2 Self Powered via internal Battery if no direct electrical connection to heating system is available. Much easier and more universal install BUT usually means not enough power to supply wi-fi capabilities (meaning no longer “smart”)
    Compatibility is Crucial, purchasing an incompatible thermostat is the number mistake most folks run into.
    ***FYI- Amazon only references an optional “Power Adapter Kit” I assume they mean attachable battery pack but it does not clearly state this. But it’s what most other companies do.***

  4. Pinoybear says:

    What can one read into this being branded under Amazon instead of ecobe. And also that Amazon partnered with Honeywell instead of ecobee for this device?

  5. Ken says:

    Don’t buy. Censored my comment on Amazon and probably others. It is not a good product. I prefer my non-smart old thermostats to this confused, poorly engineered attempt. Sad. Guy can go to space but can’t make a thermostat that isn’t mentally challenged.

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