Amazon announces Echo Pop as its new entry-level smart speaker for $39.99

Amazon has announced the Echo Pop as its new least expensive smart speaker. At $39.99, it undercuts the Echo Dot which retails for $49.99. To achieve the new low price point, the Echo Pop trims off some seldom-used features found in other Echo models but keeps the essentials that matter.

Physically, the new Echo Spot looks like the current Echo Dot sliced in half. It’s exactly the same width as the Dot and just about the same same, but a bit shallower in depth. Inside is a 1.95-inch forward-facing directional speaker which is slightly larger than the 1.73-inch speaker in the Echo Dot, however, the smaller volume is said to produce less bass. Expect the Echo Pop’s sound quality to fall between the 5th & 4th-gen spherical Echo Dots and the 3rd-gen puck-shaped Echo Dot.

Gone is the 360-degree LED ring that has been present on every Echo and Echo Dot in the past and in its place is a relatively small curved LED light at the top of the Echo Pop. While this was surely one of the many cost-cutting measures, its high placement should mean that it’s still visible from all angles. While we’re on the subject, other things missing from the Echo Pop include no temperature sensor, no display or clock option, no motion detection, and no Zigbee hub.

What the Echo Pop does have are things that matter most, such as the ability to act as a Matter controller for smart home devices. It also has Amazon’s AZ2 processor which means it’s capable of processing some voice requests locally for quicker response times. The Echo Pop can also serve as a Sidewalk bridge and a Wi-Fi extender for Eero mesh networks thanks to its dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Amazon says the Echo Spot is not replacing the Echo Dot and both products will coexist in its smart speaker lineup. The Echo Pop is available to pre-order now for $39.99 in Black, White, Teal, and Puprple. If those colors don’t cut it for you, there are silicone sleeves available in multiple colors. The Echo Pop will be released on May 31st along with several accessories, such as a battery base, charging stand, shelf

  1. Jeff says:

    Does this also announce it’s playing from any device it’s connected to, any time the device is turned on or connected from sleep, just like an Echo Dot?

  2. David says:

    Thanks as always for your informed updates.

    You say that the Pop doesn’t have a temperature sensor or motion detection. Are you sure that the Dots have these?

  3. Gary says:

    Wow…. 45 pounds in the UK looks like we’re being ripped off again in the UK

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