Amazon Announces Echo, a Speaker that doubles as a Voice Assistant

Amazon has announced Echo, one of their most ambitious products to date. At it’s core, Echo is a wireless speaker controlled by your voice. However, a built in Siri or Google Play like voice assistant expands its capabilities to much more. After saying the “wake word”, you can issue out one of several commands. Echo can start and stop music, answer questions, set alarms, and more.

The Amazon Echo will sell for $199 but, for a limited time, Prime members can request an invitation to purchase the device for $99. Whether the device is a success or not, at the very least it’s a pretty good glimpse at the type of voice enhancements Amazon may include in the successor to the current Fire TV.

  1. BradH says:

    I would be more interested if it was also portable.

  2. clocks says:

    If you need something like this that is portable, why not just use your smart phone? Cortana, Google Now, Siri, etc pretty much do all this already don’t they?

    • BradH says:

      the part that I am interested in as being portable would be the speaker. If it sounds really nice that is… Siri does everything else…

      • Jim says:

        If you just want a portable speaker, why don’t you get one of the abundantly available bluetooth rechargeable speakers that already exist? This has a totally different purpose.

  3. Paul says:

    Could this double (or triple) as a conference device?

    Eg. Bluetooth to Phone/Computer with GoToMeeting as a speaker + microphone.

  4. BoomSchtick says:

    Looks like a waste of money to me…

  5. Y314K says:

    This is the type of device that wets the NSA’s dreams…

    I think it will fail. To expensive for what it does. And even if it was dirt cheap. What would be the point…

    The folks that might use this are folks that do not have a smartphone…

  6. scapeghost says:

    Can we root it? :-)

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